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Weathering the Rainy Day

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As my alarm took me from Dreamland to Reality this morning, one of the first songs that entered my head was Bruno Mars' The Lazy Song. I kid you not. Especially when my brain registered the sound of rainfall dancing on the window panes.

How apt are these lyrics? Seriously.

"Today I don't feel like doing anything,
I just wanna lay in my bed."

And towards the bridge, it goes:

"No I ain’t gonna comb my hair
'Cause I ain’t going anywhere
No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no..."

I tell you, this song addresses the likes of me: those who are experts at bumming but can't be professionals 24/7 since they actually have day jobs. It's brilliant! (Insert half-hearted attempt at sarcasm.)

See, as much as I love going out on bike rides, hitting the malls, trying out new restaurants, and meeting up with friends or hanging out with my family, sometimes, I just enjoy being a total couch potato. I'm so good at it, in fact, that I can spend hours in the same position (i.e. back against the headboard). The only thing that would change over time would be what I'm doing (i.e. first hour, read; second hour, watch TV; third hour: go online via my iPhone; fourth hour: go back to my book).

Honestly, if things went my way (i.e. work for 10 hours a day for four days and have three-day weekends), I would be in bed right now and not in front of a computer.

View from my office window. Le sigh.

But for those who do have the privilege of enjoying this rainy, cloudy day, let me share with you why bumming at home rocks:

1) No one cares how you look. Your family will forgive you if your hair's all over the place and/or oily; they've seen you at your worst. If you decide to wear your PJ's all day, that's fine, too. Your MACs and Bobbi Browns can take a break, too.

2) You won't have to spend a single centavo. Whenever you go out, even if it's just to "cool off" at the mall or go on a bike ride, you will be shelling out some dough. Temptations such as a Quarter Pounder or even something as cheap as a bottle of Gatorade will call out your name. Trust me. Meanwhile, at home, you can just reheat the leftovers from last night's dinner and, voila, there's your lunch. Don't forget the fact that you can enjoy the latest movies at home (weekends are there for you to hoard DVDs in advance) and keep yourself updated when it comes to TV shows (if you're an Internet junkie, you'll know how that works). Plus, all your books will be vying for your attention.

3) You create your own schedule. Unless you called your secretary to say that you're available to work from home (meaning, you're at your officemates' beck and call), you're pretty much your own boss for the day. If you want to wake up at 11 am and take another nap at 1 pm, that's totally fine. No one will be calling you up every half hour to ask for an update on that project you need to submit. There won't be any email invites flooding your inboxes to invite you to so-and-so meeting. Heck, if you decide to stare off into space for a full hour, that's totally up to you.

4) You allow yourself to get to know... yourself. Sometimes, it's during these quiet, solitary, lazy moments that I allow myself to think. I obviously can't while I'm at work. I enjoy the peacefulness that being alone at home brings. I say bursts of prayers every now and then, I think about Life in General whenever the thought hits me, and I even make plans for the future. I think about vacations that I've yet to take, I reflect on the relationships I have with people. Heck, you can even talk to yourself when you want to (monologue preferred; if you dialogue with yourself, I'm not too sure about that). Where else can you do all these but at home? Not even the serenity of coffee shops can give you this much freedom to think this way.

5) It's just nice to stop and smell the roses. I like being busy since I've always been an active person. I thrive on last-minute deadlines; in fact, I work better and more efficiently if I only have a day or two to do a project. I also enjoy keeping an active lifestyle (i.e. biking, exercising, meeting up with my different sets of friends, etc.). But I know that I reach certain breaking points at times. And whenever this happens, I need to "thaw". This means allowing my body to calm down and get back on track. I appreciate days when I can be lazy and rest because I allow myself to get recharged. I know, then, that I'll be able to give more of myself the next time around.

So, if you're stuck at home because of the weather, don't fret. Savor lazy days like these for they don't happen all too often.


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  1. Mildly unrelated (and bordering on spam), but here's the best rendition of Lazy Song ever:

  2. @ Luis: LOL! Thanks for sharing and for dropping by. :)


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