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No Fear

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Like it or not, you’re afraid of something. We all are. Even the most confident, self-assured person (at least outwardly) shudders at the thought of at least one thing.

There are differences, of course; things to consider when it comes to fears that people may have: the person’s age, social status, civil status, job/career, successes or failures, health, upbringing, faith. What he/she considers his/her biggest fear could be completely trivial in someone else’s eyes. Sometimes, these fears are excusable, rational ones. Others may be circumstantial. More often than not, most of them may be speculative fears.

The biggest difference, I think, would be how one deals with his/her fears.

Many people choose to ignore their fears, to bury them somewhere in the deepest recesses of their subconscious. This might work for a while, but when something monumental or tragic happens, chances are, those fears will resurface. They may even pick at your emotional battle scars and leave you with fresh wounds.

Others prefer to keep them as worries, creating a chain reaction of even more fears, doubts, insecurities and what-if’s. Some have even gotten so good at worrying that nothing else but those fears consume their minds. Feeling under the weather? Most likely I’m sick. I have a terminal illness. Do I have enough money should I need chemotherapy? Oh no, what will my family do when I’m gone? And they haven’t even been diagnosed yet.

Some may leave everything to chance, not bothering to even care about the repercussions or consequences of their actions or circumstances. These are the people who abide by the “Carpe Diem” mentality. They live by the moment, reveling only in the present, seemingly unaffected by their past and completely detached from their future. To a certain extent, I admire these people. I wish I had enough of their carefree zest to get me from one day to the next. But at the same time, too much of anything is harmful, as they say. To live completely without fear, under the guise of spontaneity or even irresponsibility, doesn’t exactly set you free. At some point, these actions (or inactions, if you can call them that) will bite you in the butt and you will have to deal with them. Hopefully when it’s not too late to do so.

What I hope to be, though, is someone who remains realistic about her fears but doesn’t let them consume her. At the end of the day, I realize that there’s only so much we, as finite, flawed beings, can control.

I worry about a good number of things, to be perfectly honest. Sure I come off as a happy-go-lucky person. And usually, I try to stay that way. I don’t like having a drama-filled life. I hate conflicts and most of all, I really don’t enjoy worrying.

But I do have such fears.

I worry about the future — if I’ll have enough money to get my own place someday and sustain myself (as well as my passions in life, i.e. photography and biking); whether I’ll have a family someday; if I’ll be in advertising for the next 15 years or do something else; what will happen to my parents and siblings in the next few years; yada-yada, blah-di-blah. These are obviously things I can’t answer, albeit legitimate worries.

Ultimately, though, I’d rather let God take the driver’s seat when it comes to every worry I have. Because I can rest in the back seat knowing that He’s got everything under control.

[T]ake captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ” (2 Corinthians 10:5).

Have a worry- and stress-free week, all!

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