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Impatience is my Virtue

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It's not like it happened overnight. Or in an instant. It was something that took place over the course of many years, which was confirmed to me two days ago.

In the afternoon, my sister and mom were baking cupcakes. If I haven't mentioned enough how I generally try to stay away from the kitchen — well, I'll say it again. The kitchen and I aren't exactly friends.

Unlike my mom who could bake apple pies by the time she was 12, my culinary skills are limited to heating canned goods and leftovers. I like watching cooking shows (some of my favorite reality shows are the Masterchef franchise, Hell's Kitchen, and Iron Chef) but I never really bother to try any of their recipes.

So I watched as my mom whisked and my sister molded. Two hours later, the first batch of cupcakes were starting to rise in the oven. That was when I came over and helped. I put the finishing touches on the two cupcake flavors they came up with: vanilla with chocolate ganache frosting and Red Velvet. Then I plated them and arranged the plates for display purposes.

That was the moment when I re-realized what I've long known about myself:

I am an impatient person.

I'd always wondered why I never really took an interest in cooking or baking, but I thoroughly enjoy plating or styling. I realized that it was because the baking/cooking process takes time and patience. When you plate, though, you're practically at the finish line. All that's left for you to do is enjoy the meal.

Same "principle", if you will, applies to drawing or painting by hand (as opposed to drawing digitally, which is relatively easier and less time consuming), sewing or crafts, etc. When it's taking me a lifetime to finish or when I make a mistake, I'll either start again from scratch or just quit while I'm at it.

This is also why I get annoyed when I'm asked the same thing more than once (didn't I answer you the first time around?) or when I'm asked to repeat what I said (didn't you hear me the first time?). How awful of me, I know.

Or why I get frustrated with myself when I don't get things right. When I have to revise over and over. In such cases, it's a hundred times worse because while I can be really impatient, I'm also a perfectionist.

Go figure.

"Patience is a virtue," they say. One that I haven't exactly mastered, apparently. Because why put aside money when I already have enough to buy, say, that lens I've been praying for, for a while now?

Yet the Lord's also been teaching me how to wait on Him — from the trivial things (i.e. Lord, please help me find the right word to use in this script) to the monumental (i.e. life decisions).

Thus, He encouraged me today with this verse: "And let us not lose heart in doing good, for in due time we shall reap if we do not grow weary" (Galatians 6:9).

I'm just so blessed to know that God never gives up on me; that His patience towards me knows no bounds.

And I pray that as I grow in His grace, that I will also learn the value and virtue of patience.

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  1. Oh wow, red velvet cupcakes. I've been craving for one since last week. Unfortunately, no pastry shop at the mall sells it. :(

    I'm not that much of a cook either, but I plan excellent meals. Hehe! I visualize, my sister executes. :)

  2. I could probably brave the kitchen jungle.

    As for patience, give me patience now!

  3. @ Rose: I could probably ask my sister for the recipe so you could try it at home. :)

    Isn't having a sister the most awesome thing? My sister and I are polar opposites but somehow, we complement each other's strengths.

  4. @ Earl: I admire you! Do you really cook/bake? What's your specialty?

    Meanwhile, I'm hoping that the dormant culinary gene in my system wakes up soon. At some point, I'll really need to learn how to cook/bake. :O

  5. Probably Choco Fudge Brownies and Butternut Chewies because they are the easiest! hehe! Oh btw, those cupcakes are mouth-watering!

    Ah, no worries - a little inspiration and some practice you'll get the hang of it. Try

    For artilleries try Gourdo's. You might want also to check out Chocolate Lover's in Cubao.

  6. @ Earl: Okay, thanks loads! Will take note of your tips. :)

  7. Hi Ate Tina!

    I'm Jenny, a fellow CCF-er and sister in Christ. I found your blog through Ate Isa Garcia. You guys are a blessing to the "blogworld."

    I can relate with you in some ways; I am a perfectionist myself. Whenever people compliment me for a job well done, I reply with gratitude. Moments later, I review my work and realize I could have done better if only I did this or spoke like that. :) I'm learning to accept failure and embrace improvement especially when I cook. That's where we're different. Haha :D

    I am blessed with your blog. Continue abiding in the Vine! :)

  8. Hi, Jenny!

    Hello, sister-in-Christ! Your name sounds familiar. :) Maybe we met before?

    Anyway, I hear you when it comes to being a perfectionist. I second-guess myself all the time, even when complimented. Haha! I guess God placed that attribute in us to challenge us to always better ourselves, but we should learn to be humble enough to genuinely accept a compliment. I'm trying to work on that, too.

    It's great that you know how to cook! I'm hoping to find that drive to pick it up someday in the very near future.

    Thank you for dropping by! I'll check out your blog next. :) Hope to see you in CCF sometime!

    Have a grace-filled week!


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