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I Love Apple

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I'm no computer whiz, so I can't convince non-Apple users why I love Apple.

But really, I love Apple.

I love how the brand revolutionized technology on so many levels. Apple products may not have always been the first in every category, but not being first never mattered to them. It was their ease of use and line of products that changed the digital landscape for the better. Plus, I am a fan of their use of design. When you think of sophistication, clean lines, elegance, you're talking about Apple.

The first Mac I ever touched was the computer of my aunt back in the early 90's. When their logo was still the striped multi-colored apple. When the text on the monitor was green. When the mouse felt like a foreign concept and holding it was simply awkward.

Fast forward to today. I cannot imagine life without any of my Apple gear. I work using an iMac, I'm online, drawing or editing photos at home with my MacBook. I play games, surf the web, use Twitter and Facebook with my iPhone and very-much-alive first generation iPod Touch. I jog with my iPod Shuffle. On occasion, I borrow my brother's iPad. And, like most other Mac geeks, I would always wait in geeky excitement every time Steve Jobs would give a presentation on a new product, a new OS or anything new in general.

All our computers at home are Mac products: a Mac Mini, three MacBooks, a slow-but-still-functioning iBook. Through the years, we've owned several generations of iPods. The very first Nano I bought with my own money is what my brother uses in his car. The U2 iPod that I gave my parents for their 25th anniversary is now permanently attached to the dock in our living room for when we have guests to entertain. All of us (parents included) have our own iPods.

So today was a sad morning because I learned that Steve Jobs resigned as CEO of Apple.

Yes, he'll still be around as Chairman, but it won't be the same. In many ways, he was The Man responsible for so many of the exciting things that Apple had to offer through the years, whether product or operating system. Even when we learned that he had cancer years ago, I always had a feeling that he'd bounce back, that we'd see him at another Keynote presentation.

I do wish him well, especially when it comes to his health. And I hope for the continued success of Apple with its new CEO, Tim Cook. He has big shoes to fill, but if Steve Jobs believed that he could take over, then we all should, too.

Thank you for revolutionizing technology and gadgetry as we know it, Steve Jobs.

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  1. I could be a fanboi, maybe I am. I love apple an all their shiny products. I just do hope the new CEO will continue to make awesome experiences as what Jobs did in his era.

  2. Hey, Earl! I guess I could also be called a fangirl. Same here, hope that Apple can sustain the momentum brought about by Steve Jobs. :)


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