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Dear Mr. Jerzon Senador

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To Mr. Senador,

I get that you might want to make people laugh. Which is why you posted this photo.

But please tell me: how is it, in any way, funny?

Is it the sight of four legs dangling that made you decide to take a picture? Or is it the idea of a living, breathing, helpless puppy hanging out to dry instead of a stuffed toy?

How would you feel if you were the one being hung by the strands of your hair, your ears, your shoulders and hands instead of a doll?

Nope, I don’t think you’d like it one bit.

I don’t know what your background is at all. I don’t know what you were taught growing up.

But in case you may not be aware of this, there is a worldwide movement that seeks to put a stop to animal cruelty.

Defined, animal cruelty means inflicting harm or suffering upon non-human animals for purposes other than self-defense. Yes, there are exemptions to this (i.e. humans eating animal meat; unfortunately, some animals are used for clothing and accessories – which I’m not a fan of, by the way).

But having a pet means caring for the animal because it serves as your companion. In many instances, pets are treated like any other member of the family.

This puppy, clearly, lives with you because he or she is your pet. Why would you inflict harm on it? I’m guessing, from the photo, that he or she isn’t even three months old. Are you aware of what this simple act of maltreatment could have done to the puppy’s skin, fur, or internal organs?

Maybe it was a spur-of-the-moment thing to hang this puppy on the clothesline. Yes, I get that we all have those moments where we want to do something crazy or for no reason at all.

However, actions have consequences. I’m guessing you completely failed to realize that.

I don’t know what your beliefs are, Mr. Senador, but as a Christian, I believe that God gave man authority over the other creatures of the earth. I believe that we’re supposed to be responsible and care for their well being. And as an owner of three dogs whom I absolutely love, I believe we’re supposed to treat them not just with decency but with kindness and respect.

Your puppy never did anything wrong to you, save for perhaps a few nips on your fingers or an ill-timed peeing accident. He didn’t deserve what was done to him, even if it was meant just for laughs.

I write this because I want not just you, but every other pet owner to realize that we should take better care of our furry friends. Not just because organizations such as PAWS could potentially sue for animal abuse. Not just because acts of animal injustice, such as this, can be easily written about and spread all over the Internet.

But because it’s the right thing to do.

Mr. Senador, I hope that you understand fully that what you did was downright wrong and that you’ve sincerely apologized to your poor, helpless puppy.

And when you do, I hope that it won't be for the wrong reasons, i.e. your reputation on the worldwide web.


A Dog Lover

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  1. Jerzon Senador, future killer in the making. I will not be surprised if this boy grows up to be a murderer. He already got what it takes.

  2. Hi, anonymous! I really hope not. I'm still praying that he wakes up and realizes that what he did was just wrong on so many levels.

  3. A lot of people are saying that such an act doesn't really hurt a puppy at all since that's where their mothers bite on them to move them from one place to another, and canine teeth is surely worse than clothespins. Plus, since he used 5 pins, the weight would be balanced between these 5 and they wouldn't exert that much pull against the puppy's skin in any one area. Maybe he thought if the puppy seemed uncomfortable he'd quit right away? But then the puppy didn't seem bothered at all so he ended up taking pictures? Anyways, he said the puppy just stayed up there for a very short while. We don't have any info with us to make us think otherwise. And Based on the puppy looking healthy and the video he posted of the puppy playing with their pet kitten, it seems he really is an animal lover. But he just doesn't know about how these things can go viral and how pictures can make things look much worse than they really are. In terms of cruel and unusual, this seems much more unusual than cruel and is probably on the same level as dog owners dressing their puppies up in cute but not too comfortable costumes.

  4. Hi, Mat,

    Your comments may be valid. It may look like the puppy wasn't hurt or that Mr. Senador could be an animal lover. But the very idea of hanging a puppy on a clothesline with clothespins is still disturbing. Whether or not it was not a joke. It may have potentially harmed the puppy, same way people are dyeing horses and bunnies pink. I don't think that putting sunglasses on a dog would ever have the same effect, on the other hand.

    What also was bothersome was the way Mr. Senador joked on his Facebook account about the issue. He even claimed that he had put the puppy in the washing machine and that he can't be charged with animal cruelty because he's a "senator" (based on his family name). It's things like those that make what he did more disturbing.

    I just hope that this issue gets resolved soon and that, slowly but surely (hopefully sooner rather than later), we'll see less acts of animal cruelty/abuse. :)

  5. Hi, Tina!

    I do agree with the idea of hanging a puppy on a clothesline as disturbing. In fact, shock was my immediate reaction and afterwards I immediately got to thinking about the UP student killing the kitten case that was in the news just a couple of weeks back. I mean, that one had me really furious and pondering on the very nature of evil.

    But looking at the pictures for this one, I thought theoretically, there is at least one set of conditions by which he could have taken those pictures without causing any harm upon the puppy. If the puppy was not physically harmed or pained AND if the puppy was not emotionally distressed (didn't exhibit any fear of heights at the moment) AND if the puppy really did stay there for only a short while, then that set of conditions would have meant that the pictures, although disturbing to the viewer and clearly going against social norms, do not comprise any sort of animal abuse.

    Granted only the kid and the puppy were there at the time and yes, it is possible that this kid really is as bad as they say, the very existence of the possibility that the kid and the act are not as horrendous as people suppose them to be leads me to give this kid some leeway.

    Yes, he did imply that he treated his puppy as laundry but I think most people would suppose that he a) didn't really wash the puppy in a washing machine (because the puppy would be dead if that had been what he did), b) didn't really let the puppy stay there until the puppy was dry. (I could be wrong, though. This could be a fully sociopathic individual who really does think animals are physical objects. Still, he could very well have just implied it, playing the role of the villain and the joker, but really harming the puppy might not have ever entered his thoughts at all.

    (And yes, I do get it, basing on his immediate explanations after people started calling him out, this guy IS annoying. But I just don't think there are enough indicators at the moment to accurately gauge where he lies when it comes to the line ranging from well-meaning pet-owner who didn't know people would find fault in the pictures, to budding sociopathic animal-torturer.)

    To me, it all depends on whether the scenario "puppy hung on clothesline" really does hurt or stress out puppies. Lots of people say it hurts the puppies while some-- a minority-- think it doesn't harm them in any way. I'm on the side that thinks it doesn't harm them but would rather have no one even try it out just based on the possibility that I could be wrong and sorry right after. :)

  6. "I'm on the side that thinks it doesn't harm them but would rather have no one even try it out just based on the possibility that I could be wrong and sorry right after. :)"

    Exactly my point. I'd rather not risk harming/hurting any pet of mine.

    Everything you said sounds valid and I agree with most of your points. At the end of the day, we'd all like to believe that this guy didn't mean any harm and that he isn't crazed in any way; that he was just playing a joke. I just wish he didn't in the first place. It just got worse when he didn't realize how grave the situation got after broadcasting it on the Internet.

    Perhaps what's happening to Mr. Senador now – an outpouring of criticism and concern for the pup – serves as an example for those people who may be hurting their own pets to stop doing it. Because eventually, those acts of animal cruelty will go public and there will be consequences.

    Thanks for your feedback! :) Have a great weekend!


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