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Channeling My Frustrations

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I wish I could perform.

Alas, this is one of my biggest frustrations. I just wasn't created for the stage. I can't act (I look fake, no matter what role I'm made to play), I can't dance (I quit ballet when I was seven because I realized, to my mom's dismay, that I really wasn't good at it), I never really specialized in any instrument and I can't sing. I'd like to think that I'm not tone-deaf, but no, I'm never gonna be a singer.

This is why I live vicariously through the shows I watch on TV, such as American Idol and So You Think You Can Dance. It's amazing to see the contestants on Idol sing flawlessly (for the most part) and change up the arrangements of certain songs. I don't even have the ear for that. On SYTYCD, I'm constantly blown away by how the contestants seamlessly shift from one dance genre to another when they've just learned the dances a day before. There's so much talent out there that I honestly wonder sometimes why I don't possess even a fraction of it.

Enter The Glee Project.

A few days ago, I saw some teasers for this show. At first, I wondered if a second-rate cable network wanted to produce some kind of a Glee spin-off. 'Til I saw Ryan Murphy's face in one of the snippets.

Not only is the show actually related to Glee, apparently; it was created for Glee.

Basically, Glee wannabes were given the chance to audition for the show via MySpace, after which a screening process took place. This is where The Glee Project comes in.

Glee creators turned the audition process into a reality show, trimming down the number of applicants from thousands to 12 left. Week after week, the contestants will experience what the Glee cast actually has to go through – from recording to acting to choreography to filming – and by the end of an episode, one contestant is eliminated. Every episode also features a guest judge from the current ensemble of Glee.

For the pilot episode, which premiered yesterday, it was Darren Criss who plays Blaine on the show.

Hi, Darren!
(Cue: School girl giddy mode)

Being a Gleek (although I loved the show so much more in its first season compared to the second), I love the concept behind The Glee Project. I love that they are looking for raw, undiscovered talent. I love that the contestants are being given a chance to go through the entire Glee experience with the people behind-the-scenes who matter: the casting director, voice coach, choreographer, and producers. I love that, in a matter of weeks, we'll know which of the Top 12 will be on Glee next season (and we'll know the story behind why he/she was chosen).

Since I can't act, dance, play an instrument or sing to save my life, once again, I shall live vicariously through the contestants.

May the best Gleek win!

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