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The Belated Birthday Tribute

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"Hey, sent you an email."
"Okay, checking."

An hour ago, I get an email from my best bud, Mitch, which contains a photo of her two German Shepherd pups swimming. In her email, she writes, "We miss you!"

Mitch is the kind of friend who remembers to send me a message when she's about to jump in the pool or when she sees a bikini that I might like at a discounted price. She's the kind of sister who tells me what annoys and stresses her out (from the most trivial to earth-shaking) and patiently hears me out when I tell her my own frustrations. She's the kind of person who doesn't mind considering a simple lunch out of sizzling burger steak in the nearby mall foodcourt as fun and quality time, as opposed to a dolled up night out.

In other words, she's almost an extension of me. Except that I don't have the brains to pursue law and figure out tens of hundreds of Rubik's Cube configurations. Meanwhile, she leaves the "artsy-fartsy" stuff to me. Or so she says.

We usually finish each other's sentences (even when messaging each other on BBM from our corners of the metropolis) and understand what the other is saying with A Look. We've shown up at lunches or dinners out in the exact same pair of sandals that we bought on separate occasions. We share the same outlook on life and deeply value our faith and relationship with God. We both put our family first (after God, that is) and treat one another's families as extensions of our own.

It's funny how we started off, actually. Back in grade school, we didn't pay much attention to each other. But in my first day of my freshman year of high school, I entered my classroom with a sense of loneliness and abandonment. My real "friends" were in different classes and I was the only one who wound up in this particular class. I sat down beside Mitch and we basically hit it off. After that first day, we worked together on projects, rode home with one another (since we live around 15 minutes away from each other), and basically became partners-in-crime.

She's seen me at my worst (I remember sobbing like a baby when my Beagle died; I was 15 then and made absolutely no sense on the phone, but she let me blubber away) and always cheered for me whenever I had a reason to celebrate. She understands me in a way that only she can and I truly believe that God meant for us to be not just friends but sisters that day He made us sit beside each other in our freshman class.

Thank you for being you and for letting me be a part of your crazy, wonderful life!

Belated Happy Birthday, dude! ♡

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