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An Advanced Post: Happy Father's Day!

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Posting this early, because knowing my inconsistencies when it comes to blogging, this might never get posted.


"First impressions aren’t always what they seem."

This is definitely true for my dad.

When you first see and get to talk to him, you may be intimidated by his tall frame and booming voice. You’d probably think he’s formal or strict or a tad reserved. You might even be overwhelmed when you hear him talk about current events, finance, literature, apologetics or the exegesis of a passage in the Bible, or a basketball game that he watched and analyzed intently.

To some extent, those feelings are valid. Because my dad is tall. And he does have a low, booming voice (which I inherited, fortunately or unfortunately). He can come off as reserved or formal compared to other people because of his line of work (banking). And because he’s definitely smarter than most people, you may not always get to ride on the same intellectual wave that he’s on.

But you would be wrong to stop and presume that that’s all there is to my dad. Because there’s definitely more to him than these impressions.

Believe it or not, he can be one of the silliest people you’ll ever meet. Just watch him grow animated when he plays with our dogs and you’ll see why. He also cracks the corniest jokes. Case in point: “What do you call a butterfly that passed by? A butterflew!” Oh, Dad.

He can also be one of the most thoughtful people. He’s a patient shopper (a rarity in a world of women and shopping malls) and really thinks of what each one of us wants and needs. A couple of years ago, my sister was into this specific type of strawberry cupcakes, which was hard to come by. It came to a point where she would be really lucky if she got to buy just one of those cupcakes. But one evening, Dad surprised her with an entire box of 12 of that particular flavor.

When he sees a book I might like, he gets it for me right away (even if it’s chick lit – imagine the thought!). Sometimes he’ll email links of dog-related articles or anything of interest to the whole family while he’s at work. He’ll call for pizza when one of us is having a bad day and he really makes sure that we get to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, milestones and accomplishments. When we’re out for Sunday lunch but someone’s at home because he/she’s sick, Dad’s the first one to place an order for take-home. Despite his busy schedule and zillions of responsibilities, he’s updated with the goings-on in all our lives, trivial or monumental, and through the years, he always made sure that he’d be there for our swim meets, recitals, plays, performances, art exhibits, graduations and awarding ceremonies.

When it comes to the things he holds dear, such as his faith, family, our dogs, his books, or Ateneo basketball, he goes all-out. And speaking of basketball, people who've seen him in action during live games can attest to the passionate way he calls out referees and players from the opposing team who commit serious fouls. (Heehee.)

But on a more serious note, he’s always taught us the value of time (“Filipino time” doesn’t exist in his vocabulary and schema), discipline, and hard work through his work ethic. He shows us how to appreciate family and the simple joys in life. By example, we’ve learned from him what it means to bounce back from adversities, how to apply godly principles, how to keep the faith and, more importantly, share it.

Thanks for these and more, Dad! We love you.

Happy Father's Day! ♡

P.S. He's extremely camera-shy (he refused to take a graduation photo, so he doesn't have one in his college yearbook). Ironically, he has one of the most photoholic people on the planet for his daughter, so he's had to get used to the sound of the shutter clicking a mile a minute. But thankfully, he's getting better at posing for the camera and taking wacky shots. Thanks for bearing with me!

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  1. When we were in Fr Galdon's freshman Creative Writing class (Ateneo 1974), Fr G told the class that if anybody has had something published or gets something published during the duration of the class, he/she gets an automatic A. I remember your dad bringing in a Philippine Tourism book that he wrote previously. Fr G game him hi A right there and then.
    Ninong Peng

  2. Cool! Never knew about his published work, although I knew he was a recipient of that Rare A from Fr. Galdon and Padre Ferriols. Thanks for sharing! Happy Father's Day, Ninong Peng!


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