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There's Something About Mari

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Back in the mid-70's, Mari had no clue as to how life would turn out for her. After all, she was just a college freshman. She had no idea that she would eventually become the girlfriend of that smart aleck Philosophy major who was her classmate in English. She didn't expect that, seven years later, he would remain her first and only boyfriend and that they would marry.

But marry they did, and months after their wedding, they had a daughter. Three years later, they had a son. Another four years passed before they were blessed with another daughter. Five years later, they were surprised with the addition of another son.

Marison, or Mari to her relatives and high school friends and Sonia to everyone else, didn't know what motherhood entailed. She just had to "wing it", as she would often say. Each child she was blessed with was different, and each experience she went through as a parent would have to be handled just as differently.

But motherhood suited her. It suited her quite well, in fact. There was a natural progression from nurturer to teacher to confidante and friend.

Not all is well every single day, though. She gets panic attacks when her kids aren't home by a certain time. She also throws a fit when her kids' rooms are messy. She hates it when plans don't follow through. She can be just as stubborn as her own kids are when it comes to decisions and convictions.

But all these are inconsequential compared to the corny jokes she cracks, the wrong lyrics that she sings, the awesome food that she surprises everyone with, the words of wisdom that always makes sense, and the godly character that she always displays.

She is the Number One Fan of her youngest son CJ's guitar skills; the Ultimate Stage Mother whenever her second daughter Cooky has a dance performance; the one parent who never fails to shed a tear whenever her son Chuck songleads in church; the cheerleader of her firstborn Tina's achievements at work. She's also the adopted mother of many of her kids' friends as well as her own officemates who are younger.

If she thinks the world of her kids, well, the feeling's mutual.

We love you, Mom!

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  1. Awww... this is just too sweet.;) I can tell your mom's really nice just by the way you describe her. If I were your officemate or classmate before, magpapa-ampon rin ako sa pamilya ninyo. Hehe!

  2. Thanks so much, Rose! She'd love to have another "kid"! :D She'd spoil you with her awesome apple pie, too!

  3. ♥♥♥♥ sooo love this Tina, what more can a mother or any parent ask for...this is the true testament of a JOB WELL DONE! Well that job was really made easy by the very children she worked on! GOD bless Mari, Jimmy, Chuck, Cookie, CJ and of course, Tina!

  4. Thank you, Tita Benz! Likewise, your kids are really blessed to have you as their mommy...same thing goes for all the Cottolengo boys whose lives you've touched. :) Hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day!

  5. This is really sweet, Tin. Good job! You're all blessed to have her as a mom, and she's equally blessed to have all of you as well. Hope she enjoyed her gift!

  6. Thanks so much, Ans! Yes, we're all blessed. And so are you and your family to have your mom. :) Hope she had a great Mother's Day!

    P.S. Yup, she's definitely enjoying her gift. I can hear it start up when she wakes up at 3am. LOL!


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