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I was on my way home last night when I saw a group of employees standing outside their office building. Some were smoking while others were there just for the company. They were dressed well enough, which, to me, meant that they were most likely well-educated and on the way to being successful.

So I was wondering why they didn't bother to pick up a bag of chips that happened to be right beside them.

I don't know if they were the ones who finished the chips. Or if the bag was already there when they stepped outside. That's beside the point anyway.

When I was a child, at home and in school, I was taught to dispose of trash properly; whether or not it was mine. I couldn't believe that these adults, people who were supposed to be responsible not just for themselves but for their surroundings, couldn't be bothered by the sight of an empty bag of chips on the sidewalk.

I bent down, picked it up and walked four steps. That was the distance between them and the nearest trash can.

They just gave me a blank stare.

I blog about this not to toot my own horn. I have no reason and no right to.

But given what's been happening around the world — earthquakes, tsunamis, flooding and a host of other calamities — I think that we should be much more aware of and responsible for our actions.

Our neighbor, Japan, is in the middle of getting back on their feet. As of this writing, 9,300 have died because of the tsunami and earthquake that rocked the country a little less than two weeks ago. Over 13,500 are still missing.

All over the world, people have expressed their sympathies and are trying to help in whatever way they can — donations through cash or in kind (check out Maria Celina's post on the creative ways people have been helping out), disseminating information on the different social networking sites, sending them messages, and praying for them. It's been amazing and inspiring to see people stepping out of their comfort zones and teens becoming more socially aware. It reminds me of how people mobilized after our own tragedy that was Typhoon Ketsana back in 2009 (this was what happened to our house).

But we can do better than that, I believe. We can and should do our part to make this world a better place — as unbelievably cliché as this sounds.

Because what we do now can and will affect those around us.

I don't have a Ph.D in environmental science, but I imagine that if we consumed less energy, brought our own bags to the supermarket instead of bringing home plastic bags, and disposed of trash properly, things could look up. And that's just for starters.

Google the Internet and you'll see hundreds of tips for being clean and green in fashion, in the workplace, when it comes to cleaning agents, food, and the like. There are other sites, such as this one, that list the different ways we, as individuals, can do our part.

Something I made earlier today.

I don't imagine that things will change overnight, if at all, given what man has done to Mother Earth through the centuries.

But I sincerely believe that we owe it to ourselves, our families, our neighborhood, our country and the rest of the world to try, anyway.

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  1. It is disheartening to know that there are still some people who have the mentality that whatever doesn't directly affect them doesn't matter. But in the tapestry of life, all the threads are connected and part of a larger purpose.

    With the recent tsunami, I think another important thing to remember is that Mother Nature is unpredictable and no human can ever qualify the meaning behind any of these events. We have to accept that we are still but small in comparison to her. The effort to live a greener lifestyle and a great conscience of our surroundings and actions is a step in being humble enough to understand that.

  2. Wow! Talk about blog lag. I only saw your comment now. Sorry about that! Totally agree with what you said. There are only so many things that we can control but what's within our reach, we should take care of. And take care of really well. :)


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