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Day 12: How I Found Out about Blogger and Why I Made One

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Flashback to the year 2002. I was a college sophomore who wanted to explore the Internet beyond e-mailing, chatting and researching. Back then, my social contacts weren't just chatting on mIRC, ICQ, Windows Messenger and Yahoo! Messenger. They were starting to write daily journal entries and express their thoughts about different topics for the world to see. The concept of writing freely for everyone's "consumption" wasn't just alien to me – it was intimidating. Especially since I've always been a shy person. (Believe me: despite my obsessive tweets, Facebook posts and sporadic blog entries, I'm actually shy in person. Or at least until I'm really comfortable talking to the people I'm with. Then you won't hear the end of it from me, I promise.)

But I digress.

Most of my friends were on Blogger at the time, so you could say that I heard about this service from them. A few tried out LiveJournal and Xanga.

Hesitantly but curiously, I signed up for a Blogger account (only because I felt that Blogger allowed me to utilize whatever HTML skills I learned from high school compared to the other blogging services). At this very moment, I have no idea what my Blogger handle and what its URL was. Frankly, I'd rather not find out. Ever. I'm pretty sure it'll be horrifying to see how I used to write (and what I used to write about) in those days.

In 2009, after blogging on LiveJournal for several years and giving Tumblr a shot for one year, I decided to go back to Blogspot. I eventually registered my own domain (this one you're reading).

It's funny how I wound up where I once started.

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