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Day 11: Another Picture of Me and My Friends

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I realized that, after posting this pic, my two "post a picture of your friends" entries (the other one being this) happened to be wedding pictures. I guess it just means that my friends and I are right smack in that life stage consisting of relationships, engagements, weddings, babies and baptisms. Oh, yeah. Also of promotions, job transfers, and condo-hopping. What a scary thought.


The nine girls in the first and second rows of this photo (myself in dark red included) were my classmates back in high school. For some reason, back in the day, our desks were always beside each other and we were usually grouped together for activities, homework, projects and whatnot. Although we had our own barkadas or cliques (mine being this), we managed to stay close throughout high school and even beyond.

Almost a decade after our high school graduation, we got together for a swimming party and decided to call ourselves the TB (for "Table Barkada"). We can count on each other for impromptu shopping trips, movie marathons, swimming, boardgames, beach trips, pizza and chips. Most of the time, in fact, the plans that push through are the ones we don't plan.

Just like every other clique, we're all from different backgrounds (i.e. we went to different universities and we're now from different industries; we already have one TB married couple, as seen above). Unlike other high school friends, however, I'm glad that our friendship transcended our shared memories. Most high school friends get together to reminisce the good ol' days. We share laughs and exchange stories about what's happening in our lives today and what will be in the days to come.

We have our own sense of humor and more than a zillion inside jokes. We're not afraid to laugh, show our crazy sides and be complete dorks. We can eat eight pizza slices each one day and talk about makeup the next. We'll discuss plays or musicals in one breath and politics or current events later on. We're a pretty diverse, random group of friends and that's what I really like about us.

Now that I'm writing about them, I can't wait for the next TB get-together. I miss them!

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