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Day 7: A Picture of Someone/Something That Has Had the Biggest Impact on You

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Without a doubt, my parents are my life's greatest inspirations.

Being their eldest child, I've seen them through all their ups and downs as a couple. When they first started out, both were working; my mom eventually resigned from the corporate world after she had Chuck, three years after I was born. (Eventually, she went back to work in the academic setting after my youngest brother, CJ, enrolled in Prep as a student in that school.) Our family welcomed a sister, Cooky (four years after Chuck was born), then CJ (six years after Cooky was born). They've supported us, their kids, in all our endeavors — countless swim meets, dance recitals, gigs, performances, honors assemblies, art exhibits, student council elections, and everything under the sun. They instilled in us not just a set of values but also a love for reading, dogs, and sports; and the simple joys of being at home.

More importantly, they were the ones who introduced us to Christ. It was through them that Chuck and I, as Sunday School-aged kids, grew up in the Christian faith; our two other two siblings were already born into this faith. I'd like to think that our family is the way it is today because of this.

Coincidentally, it's not only Valentine's Day; it's my dad's birthday, too. My dad is the reason I'm a bookaholic (we share the same taste in books), a grammar Nazi (he was more brutal than my college professors ever were when it came to correcting my papers), my partner-in-crime when it comes to dogs (we got Cassie, our choco Lab, the weekend my mom was in Davao), the one who knows that I need a bag of Doritos whenever I feel down, and the best TV buddy to hang out with on weekends. Happy birthday to the family's Valentine!

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