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Day 6: Favorite Superhero and Why

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Even though I grew up with a dad, brother and cousin who followed the Marvel and DC superheroes series, I never really attached myself to one particular superhero. My own superheroes would have to be my favorite Disney characters, in all honesty. They inspired me and taught me valuable life lessons.

But since we're talking about people (or non-people) who possess extraordinary powers, then my favorite superhero would have to be Superman.

I've always liked his (rather, Clark Kent's) story. A baby sent to Earth from the planet Krypton, who grows up with farmer parents Jonathan and Martha Kent. As he gets older, he realizes that he possesses superpowers. Then he decides to use that power to help humanity. While posing as a wannabe journalist in The Daily Planet, Clark Kent is on the lookout for danger. A quick costume change in a telephone booth (into tightie redies, a blue body suit, red boots and that iconic red cape of his) and he's off to save the world, one bad guy at a time. His numero uno archenemy is mad scientist Lex Luthor who tries to find ways to bring Superman down. It goes without saying that Superman has a weakness (kryptonite) and love interests (Lana Lang and Louis Lane, to name a few; alliterations, much?).

I used to watch Smallville (mostly for Tom Welling, to be perfectly honest) and, now that I think about it, even Lois & Clark back in the day. I was interested in the double life that Clark Kent led (similar to Spiderman's Peter Parker) and the daily dangers he faced.

What I like about Clark Kent are his humble beginnings, the way he doted on his earthly parents, and his humanity, despite his otherworldliness. He had human struggles, a clear-cut symbol of his weakness, and he rallied for the world's salvation. He was that guy next door, except he possessed enough power to carry the weight of the world on his shoulders, if he wanted to.

I actually felt really bad when I found out that he died (my brother bought the 1992 comic, The Death of Superman, and I just had to read it) and my heart broke for Lois Lane when I saw this particular scene:

I don't know if things have transpired since this installment, though (Stan Lee geeks, kindly enlighten me). But for closure's sake, I'd like to think that things ended this way.

Boo, you, Doomsday.

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