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Day 1: A Recent Picture of Me & 15 Interesting Facts About Myself

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I took this Instagram photo yesterday since I was at a shoot and my laptop bag happened to be clapboard-designed. Pretty apt, don't you think?

So here's the part where I pretend to be interesting and write down fifteen things that you probably don't know (or already know) about me:
  1. I have two given names: "Cristina" came from my dad's sister who died before I was born; "Margarita" was my maternal grandmother's name.
  2. I was the classic guinea pig eldest child and joined every summer workshop created for kids. I was enrolled in art, baking, ballet, drawing and piano classes and took up swimming, golf, badminton, soccer, basketball, gymnastics and martial arts. My summers were never boring.
  3. I was a competitive swimmer from the age of nine until my junior year of high school. Today, I try to swim on weekends (when it's not too cold) as a form of exercise.
  4. I'm also pretty flexible (thanks to my gymnastics background) so I can still do backbends, cartwheels and splits.
  5. I started reading at the age of two.
  6. Physically, however, I was a late bloomer. I officially "became" a woman at the ripe old age of fourteen, much to my friends' horror.
  7. I've never smoked a cigarette and don't ever intend to. Same goes for trying any kind of illegal drugs.
  8. I don't have any vices but I'm a huge fan of nacho cheese chips and sour cream dip. They're what I binge on when I'm stressed and/or feeling down.
  9. I am still waiting for my God's Best. I'm pretty sure that, in time, God will lead me to him. Until then, I'm busy making the most of my single-hood.
  10. Last year, I got into biking (i.e. trail biking and road biking) and I'm addicted to it.
  11. I'm a Communication graduate (focusing mainly on advertising and public relations) and I have a second degree in Hispanic Studies. I used to be fluent in Spanish back in college but since I don't get to practice speaking it, I'm pretty rusty nowadays.
  12. My favorite literary genre is historical fiction.
  13. I'm an advertising copywriter by profession and do photography for leisure.
  14. I have never traveled outside of Asia. This has to change within the next two to three years.
  15. I am a Bible-believing Evangelical Christian, saved by grace through faith.
One down, twenty-nine left!

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  1. I think to get your first period or even to develop physically fourteen is still within the normal scale for our generation. One of my old friends from high school got hers at sixteen, the lucky stiff!

    The reason why kids these days menstruate earlier is very likely because of the lifestyle and dietary choices. I'd like to think that we're on the cusp of the change. For me, I was barely out of elementary school when I got mine. Yes, had I been in part of this generation's kids, I would have been considered part of the average. Looking back, it was amusing to reflect on the transition I went through. But at the time, to be one of the first of all of my peers, and to hide it for some years was not funny at all.

    Thanks for sharing these things with us, Tina! Also, I hope that you do make that trip outside Asia soon. As they say, travel enriches the soul!

  2. I got my period when I was already a high school freshman. Back then, it felt like I was the last one from my level (we were 160-something then in my level) who got her period. Considering the first ones to get theirs got "it" back in the third or fourth grade. I couldn't relate to my friends who would talk about their girly pains and I'd be embarrassed whenever I was asked if I had an "extra pad".

    But yeah, all things considered, I guess it's still qualifies as a normal age to get one's period. LOL!

    Hey, thanks, Marz! I really do hope that I can travel outside of Asia soon. I'm a fan of seeing new places, people and experiencing new things. I just wish that Time and Money were on my side. ;)

  3. God's Best! I can't wait to meet mine! Then again.. I have to be God's best for him, too... Gotta work on that one...

  4. That is so true. :) Applies to me, too!


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