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Birthday Blog: Year 2011

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I am really, undeniably in my late twenties now. The thought of this kills me. But to tell you the truth, most of the time, I feel like I was fifteen years old just yesterday; spying on my neighbor-enemies with friends, doing Leo DiCaprio movie marathons, hanging out after swim practice, and making my weekends revolve around going to my kabarkadas’ houses.

I wish I were still fifteen. Or twenty. Or even twenty-five. I wish that I could spend more than I saved, that I didn’t have to worry about insurance or thinking about investing in a condo unit. I wish that my biggest worries could still be whether or not I aced this test or got exempted from a final exam. Heck, sometimes, there’s that part of me that still hopes that work gets called off whenever it rains; the way classes were suspended when I was still a student.

I always have mixed feelings about turning a year older. On the one hand, there’s excitement about what the next year will bring. On the other hand, there’s sadness knowing that I’ve aged just a bit; that I’ll be closer to thirty and embracing not just more responsibilities but expectations that I need to meet.

In many ways, I still don’t act my age; if you go by the world’s standards, at least. I’m not married; neither am I a mom. I still live at home (though this is something I’ll probably have to work on sometime in the near future; the need to give independence a try). I don’t have my own car either. I have life insurance, though. Yay, me?

But I can say that even if I’m nowhere near what a late twenties individual is supposed to achieve or possess, I have my own successes. Uniquely, undeniably, undoubtedly mine. By God’s grace, I’ve accomplished things that have made me feel blessed and I’m surrounded by people who constantly motivate and encourage me; they all accept me despite my numerous quirks and shortcomings.

So here’s to another year on this planet. Thank You, Lord for getting me this far and I look forward to another year of growing in Your grace.

Thank You also to everyone who’s been a part of my journey. Know that you are deeply appreciated. I thank God for you.

Happy birthday, Self! Let’s make this next year count.

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  1. Belated happy birthday, Tina! I hope that you celebrated well and that you were in the company of your loved ones. Have a blessed year! =D

  2. Hey Tina! We don't know each other personally, but you inspire me. :) I love reading your blogs and I'm awed by your achievements and how much you love your family. I'll always be your avid fan! Hope you continue posting articles about random stuff and heartwarming/artistic photos.

  3. @ Marz: Belated thanks! Have an awesome year ahead, too!

  4. @ PinkGirl: Thank you so much! It's great to hear from you. :) I hope that you're doing well, and yes, I'll continue posting random things. Thanks for reading!


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