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Much Ado About a Foot Problem

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January 2011 has been an interesting month (so far). I got a new camera, had nothing to do at work for a few days, then work suddenly came pouring in. Our church also observed a week of prayer and fasting, which gave me a much-needed spiritual boost. I also discovered a pizza joint near my house which took pride in their 36-inch pizzas (I couldn't believe that such a thing existed 'til I came face to face with one).

January has also been therapy month for me.

Exactly a year ago, I managed to injure my left foot either by walking too much or by wearing the wrong shoes. All I knew was that the arch of my foot hurt so much and that it was a different kind of ache. It wasn't a sprain for sure. The diagnosis? Posterior Tibial Tendon Dysfunction, or adult flat-footedness, in other words. The arch of my left foot wasn't quite what it used to be (which was really high, according to my pediatricians when I was a kid). I had to keep my foot wrapped for almost a month and do home therapy.

The pain came back towards the end of December 2010 and I found myself at another doctor's clinic and getting the same diagnosis. Back to wraps I went!

Since my foot condition's repeat performance, I've been conscious of the kind of shoes I wear (avoiding all forms of heels so far and wearing sneakers with foot arch inserts majority of the time). I've also made sure to stretch my legs as much as I can and avoid walking or standing for long periods of time, lest I feel a throbbing sensation throughout my entire left foot. You wouldn't want to know how bad that feels.

Thankfully, the home exercises seem to be working and I haven't felt any kind of pain these last few days. I'm hoping that this is a good sign as I need to be in heels this Saturday (yikes!) for a wedding.

Also, I really need to get better because I haven't biked in so long. It's sad.

Having a condition like this can get discouraging at times, especially when I think about how I'll have to live with it. But I'm reminded to be thankful when I realize that I'm on the road to recovery; that I can actually do something about it and feel better.

I guess I just can't afford to wear my fashionista hat (not that I am one) when I have to walk for long stretches of time. Like when I go shopping in another country.

Goodbye, sandals. Goodbye, flats. Goodbye, boots.

Hello to more of you, Converse!

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