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2010: A Look Back

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2010 was a year of:

  • growing older but wiser
  • saying hello to a foot injury
  • endless food trips with family, friends and co-workers
  • starting Saturdate traditions
  • meeting a Disney-Pixar animator who gave a talk at Lowe and signed our Dug stuffed toy and book and Ratatouille DVD
  • going places in the country and out of it with family and friends
  • gaining a new furry family member and meeting Golden-loving friends along the way
  • discovering the joys of healthy living
  • rekindling my love for biking, meeting like-minded friends, and joining organized biking events
  • climbing up the copywriting ladder
  • more shoots and productions
  • overtimes made more fun with the help of great company and a not-too-serious, light working environment
  • experiencing the high of a three-peat championship
  • joining the World Cup hype, being part of Spain's first-ever victory, Paul the Octopus, and cheering on the Azkals in the AFF Suzuki Cup
  • witnessing two good friends tie the knot and dive into marital bliss
  • saying hi and bye to people who come and go
  • more reading and writing; more films and television fandoms
  • seeing new leaders take the floor of our Philippine government
  • national crises and a sprinkling of faux pas
  • learning une langue nouvelle et belle
  • dorkiness and ka-jologan
  • trying on light brown highlights and realizing that my natural ash brown shade still looks better on me
  • a few shed tears but 100 times more laughter
  • moments captured on camera
  • concerts, plays and musicals
  • social networking marvels
  • discoveries and blessings
  • opportunities to serve Him through writing and creative output
  • God's presence, day-by-day mercies and endless grace

Thank You, Lord, for making my 2010 a purposeful, fun-filled and exciting year. I pray for more opportunities to be a blessing to others in the year to come.

Thank you, whoever you are reading this, for being part of my 2010; in big ways or small ways. I pray that your 2011 will be another year filled with blessings, love and tons of laughter.

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