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'Tis the Season Also for Wishful Thinking

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Now before you get the idea that I'm materialistic, greedy and selfish, let me tell you this already: a part of me can really get materialistic, greedy and selfish.

I do like clothes. I do like shoes. But most of all I love gadgets. I love anything Steve Jobs makes and I'm a total Canon enthusiast when it comes to photography.

But I'm also practical. I try to spend within my means and set aside whatever I can for future expenses, needs and hopefully, for traveling. I also enjoy sharing what I can with my family and friends because I derive even more satisfaction when I can make them happy. Really.

Yet there's a part of me that will always wish for things I can't have and for things I can't buy at the moment due to other priorities. These are what top my list at the moment.

Introducing -- The Ultimate Tina Christmas Wishlist of Twenty-Ten:

1) Canon EOS 550D digital SLR. As mentioned in an earlier post, my jurassic EOS 300D decided to retire when I really needed it to deliver. As such, I've been deprived of dSLR usage for a month now. These last five years, I've gotten so used to lugging around six to ten pounds' worth of equipment to shoots, events, get-togethers with friends and family. Now, I feel completely useless. I'm itching to hear the click of the shutter, to press my eye against a viewfinder, to compose a shot and to capture a moment. As much as I've enjoyed trying to compensate with my Canon G9 (which is a pretty decent piece of machinery, I might add), it will never replace what an SLR can do. I need one, and I need it soon.

2) A black leather bag. I generally use large bags because I usually bring my entire life with me wherever I go. My bags carry, on a daily basis, a digital camera (usually my Powershot for whenever I need to document my day), my girly kit (consisting of my makeup, back-up jewelry, a brush, powder, extra pins and hair accessories), my wallet, my iPod and phones, pen and paper, sometimes a pocketbook, a foldable umbrella, my eyeglasses and sunglasses. I usually stick to brown or earthy-colored bags, but I'd like to have a really sturdy but fashionable black leather bag. One that I can use to work, on weekends and even at night. I'm not particular about brands, but if it looks good and will last me at least one full year without fraying, snapping, or tearing, then I'm a happy camper.

3) Black pumps. A girl can never tire of a good pair of black heels, right?

4) A BlackBerry Javelin 8900 (or a Bold 9700?) or an iPhone 4. Currently, I use outdated phones: a hand-me-down BlackBerry 8320 and an iPhone 3G. While I love both phones, they slow down and hang on occasion, which means having to restart on an almost daily basis. I really wouldn't mind a new BlackBerry unit or an iPhone 4, really. But these, I can save up for. Maybe next year.

5) Makeup. Now that I'm more exposed to makeup, fashion and whatnot, I realize the value of branded makeup. I'd love new lipstick, eyeshadow, bronzers and foundation. Even nail polish would be great. I never get to prioritize makeup when it comes to shopping, unfortunately. I usually end up buying books first; clothes, jewelry or bags next; and gadgets when I've saved enough to afford one. So girly of me, I know.

6) Time for a DVD marathon. This December has been insane and I had to cram all my Christmas shopping (for family, friends, godkids, and officemates) in one day. Thankfully, I managed to do just that, but I haven't had time for myself. If I did, I'd do a DVD marathon of Bones, the series I've recently gotten into, and my other favorite shows. Give me a full weekend in front of the TV, a bag of chips and dip, and I'll love you for life.

7) Shorts. Recently, I've been wearing trendy shorts with sandals and boots on occasion, with long shirts tucked in or hanging loosely. I would love more of them to wear on weekends, to friends' houses, to lunches out, or for malling.

8) Fully Booked gift certificates. I usually buy myself a new book at least every other weekend. If I had gift certificates on hand, I'd be the happiest bookworm alive and my bookshelf will love you forever.

9) A Canon EOS 70-200 f/2.8 L IS lens. This lens has been on my wishlist since I first started using my Canon EOS 300D. As you can figure out, I haven't bought one yet. I don't know when I'll actually have the funds for one since it costs almost as much as a secondhand car, but I'm keeping this one on the list just to motivate me to work for it.

10) A plane ticket to anywhere in the world. Preferably Paris, Barcelona, New York or Toronto (to visit my relatives there). Traveling is love. You can't say no to that. So yes, I'm dreaming of the Louvre, sampling Grùyere or Emmental cheese in France's sidestreet markets; jamón serrano, tapas y sangria in Spain; Broadway, Central Park and everything about New York; the quaint Toronto life with my loved ones. I pray that someday, hopefully in the very near future, one of these places might just be made real to me.

In the meantime, I have to pop my dream bubble and come back to reality. Maybe this Christmas, I'll be able to make someone's wish come true instead.

A joyous Season to you, Dear Reader! May our good Lord bless you and your home a thousandfold!

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  1. I want a camera too! Our plans for one this Christmas got shelved unexpectedly.

  2. Sorry for the late reply! Gosh, I suck at checking my blog for comments. Hahaha!

    Wait, what happened to your camera plans?

  3. Haha, it's okay. We were all so busy during the holidays. The camera plans will hopefully push through this month. *fingers crossed* Too bad hindi humabol for Christmas and New Year. :( Oh well, there's always summer. Hehe!

  4. Great! What camera are you planning to get? :) And yeah, just in time for summer!

  5. Just one that would fit my budget. I got an EOS 100D.:) Perfect entry level DSLR. Hehe! I'm having so much fun tinkering with it lately.

  6. The EOS 1000D? Awesome! :) That's the camera I reviewed a while back for the Canon site. Congratulations!


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