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Thank You

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In the United States just a few hours ago, everyone brought out their own stuffed turkeys, ate 'til they couldn't breathe, and reveled in the warmth of friends and family.

After all, it was Thanksgiving. A tradition that makes North America uniquely North America.

And while Filipinos don't normally celebrate the occasion (I know of some families who do, though; especially those of American ancestry), I do like the spirit behind the season. It's always nice to reflect on the things you can be thankful for.

With that, I'd like to celebrate Thanksgiving in my own little way with this post.

I am thankful for...

1) Family. Without the five other people who make up my immediate family, I would be lost. I can't imagine life without the guidance of my parents. I also can't imagine what life would be like if we didn't treat or relate to each other the way we do now. I not only look up to and respect my parents; they're my friends. I tell them the stupid things that I've said or done in a day, rant or rave about work, approach them if I have a problem, or take them out for breakfast. I also love my younger siblings dearly (I'm the eldest of four) and we're all close. My relationships with each sibling varies, but it's really great that I can just go to their rooms without having to knock or pop in a DVD of FRIENDS and laugh with them. I'm also thankful for my extended family. Both sides, my mom's and my dad's, are a crazy bunch, and I always enjoy their company. I really miss the ones who live in other parts of the world.

2) Friends. As my last post would show, I'm blessed by the people who've graced my life. I have several "groups" of friends from different life stages and they're all amazing. I may not be the party animal who wins friends over in an instant, but the few friends that I do have are the ones who will always matter. Thank you for choosing to be the friend of this idiosyncratic, overly optimistic, sometimes shy and withdrawn blabbermouth and for understanding my quirks. To my brothers and sisters in the faith who not only encourage me but continually pray for me, you are absolute treasures.

3) Healthy living. This year, I rediscovered the joys of being fit, starting with my daily jogs in the first half of this year. Towards the second half, I got into biking and I love it. I'm glad that I've been able to maintain my weight and even tone up, and I've met so many like-minded people who continue to fuel my enthusiasm for fitness.

4) Work. There have been a number of challenges and triumphs, hellos and goodbyes, and through it all, I'm still fulfilled. I know that this is where I'm meant to be, and I pray that God uses me to be an even better advertising copywriter.

5) Rest. It's been a luxury nowadays, so I really value lazy weekends spent in front of the TV and the thrill that comes after more than eight hours of sleep.

6) The arts. I'm no artist, but I appreciate all forms of art. I'm thankful for the opportunity to travel to new places, feel all sorts of emotions, and to get into the inner workings of characters' minds through literature, film, photography, music, digital and handmade artworks, and even television. Art is always something I look forward to on a day-to-day basis.

7) Food. I love trying out new dishes, cuisines, restaurants. Ironic, considering I'm supposed to be living a "healthy" lifestyle. But I love overwhelming my senses with flavor, flavor, variety and more flavor. The more food I get to try out, the happier I genuinely am.

8) Adventure. It doesn't take much to make me happy. In fact, I consider a spontaneous day out with friends as an adventure in itself. So I'm thankful for life's surprises. Whether it be a new dish to taste, a new place to visit, or a new experience to be had, I'm up for it. And I want more.

9) Laughter. Life can get too serious at times. I'm thankful for the chuckles that pierce through awkward silences, a good joke, an inside joke, laughter that makes your whole body move, a laugh-til-tears-roll-down snort, or simply a heartwarming smile that comes my way. I can't be serious forever and I'll take laugh lines all around my face when I'm sixty over a clean one with hints of worry lines.

10) God. Through it all, He's been with me. When I'm stubborn, too self-reliant, sometimes lost, forgetfully distant, He calls me back. He never tires of giving me chances and He never stops letting me feel His love. I really can't fathom why and just how much He loves us when we're hopelessly flawed, but His grace propels me to show people that I can make a difference in this life through Him.

11) You. For reading this and for tolerating my sometimes saccharine, sometimes mundane, oftentimes trivial posts. I appreciate YOU.

Okay. Now I have to get back to writing some taglines.

I hope that you all have at least one thing to be thankful for. Life is beautiful. And we should all see it that way.

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