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Of Tutus and Failures

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This morning, I was scheduled to shoot for my aunt's ballet studio. Her ballet school will be participating in a recital towards the end of the year and she needed shots for the souvenir program. Since I did her shoot two years ago, she asked me to do it again.

I did my photography checklist last night and again this morning: camera (of course), external flash, CF cards, batteries and charger. I got to the ballet studio on time and I saw all these little (and bigger) girls in tutus waiting to be photographed. Some even had makeup on.

Then the most horrible thing happened.

I popped in the CF card that I used just this morning (I erased images in preparation for today's shoot and tested the camera). And the card wouldn't read. I thought my camera was just acting up so I tried again.

It still wouldn't read.

I tried not to panic. I remembered that I had a back-up card. I popped it in and, as you might have guessed, that one didn't work either.

I started to panic. Which is pretty embarrassing in a room full of expectant kids and your aunt, who happened to be your client.

Thankfully, my cousin, who lived nearby, had an SLR. I was able to use that one instead and the shoot progressed. I just thanked God that I didn't have to reschedule it since all these kids were dressed and there were parents around.

Lesson learned: time to upgrade my camera. My EOS 300D is almost five years old, a great grandfather by camera standards. It's gone through so many adventures (and misadventures!) with me, but it decided to retire when I really needed it to work.

Here's are sample photos from today's shoot. I'll post more when my heart recovers from the shock it received.

To my aunt, my cousins and extended family members who saw me hyperventilate, I am beyond appalled. I promise to give you awesome post-processed shots!

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  1. Oh my God. I had a minor heart attack reading this entry. I'm glad it worked out well in the end!! Whew.

  2. I KNOW, RIGHT. Talk about traumatic. You could've flicked me with a finger and I'd have toppled over and died. Thank God that it did work out somehow.

    Never again!


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