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Sunset Ride Turned Wet Ride

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As mentioned in a previous post, I was set to join another biking event which I had prepared for days earlier. The only thing that I was slightly worried about was the possibility of rain. The event was to be held last Saturday, the 16th of October. Even before that, there were talks of Typhoon Juan/Megi possibly making landfall that weekend. But the registration waiver, which I already submitted, said that the event would push through come rain or shine. So that was that.

Saturday came and it was bright and sunny. I got to McKinley Hill an hour before the event began in order to warm up. I saw several hundreds of bikers wearing the assigned Unilab Bike United jersey. Meanwhile, there I was in my customized version (I asked my art director partner to do some alterations since the only sizes left were L and XL in men's sizes, so she cut off the sleeves and stitched the back so it wouldn't be as loose for me).

Then, from out of nowhere, dark gray clouds started forming over us. I could see people looking up somewhat anxiously; especially the parents of the kids who were joining the ride. But the organizers announced over the mic that we should be prepared for rain and we were reminded about that little disclaimer in the waiver. So people started bringing out their raincoats (I had none, but I was already used to getting wet while biking), placing their cellphones and cameras in sealable plastic bags, and basically preparing for a major downpour.

About ten minutes before we were set to ride out, it started to rain. The organizers asked the parents of the kiddie bikers if they were ready for this and the kids seemed determined to continue. We were then asked to line up behind the starting line and at 2:55 in the afternoon, we were off.

However, the rain didn't let up. In fact, it rained even harder. We had a hard time with the steep roads because of the mud, puddles and occasional floods we encountered. I also remember struggling to see what was in front of me as I had to keep on wiping rainwater away from my eyes. I was afraid that I'd either run into somebody in the process or that I would be sideswiped. Also, lightning would strike every few minutes followed by thunder.

To make the long story short, what was supposed to be a 20-kilometer ride got cut into a measly 6-kilometer one. The organizers decided to direct us back to the meeting point halfway into the ride. But I hear that there might be a redo of this event. Hopefully when the weather's more stable.

Anyway! Pictures!

While waiting for the event to begin, I watched the BMXers perform some stunts.

A few minutes before the ride began, my officemate Joven and I posed by the starting line.

Lowe represent! Officemates from left to right: Joven (Exec. Art Director), my boss MD (Creative Director) and Nelson (Producer).

Just like the Livestrong event I attended, there were quite a number of kids who signed up for Bike United.

This was already after it stopped raining (I couldn't take pictures while it was pouring, naturally). Here, we were about to cross the finish line. People were wondering why our ride got cut short. I could hear, "This is it?!", "What happened?", and "Why did they stop the ride?" all over the place.

Disgruntled bikers about to cross the finish line.

Still smiling despite the short ride with ex-colleagues and biker friends.

At least there were freebies. Each biker was given a free backpack with a biking thermos, food, drinks and other goodies inside.

These bikes seemed to be as disappointed as we were.

With Joven, MD and Nelson. I hope that our other officemates who bike can join us next time.

And just to give you an idea of how bad it was, voila!
Photo credit: Edgar A. De Jesus.

I do hope that there will be a redo of this event. But if that doesn't push through anymore, at least I can say that I've biked through (in? with? under?) intense rain, thunder, lightning, mud, and floodwater.

Talk about an adventure!

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