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Of House Arrests and Storms

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Today is Day 2 of house arrest; not my choice, mind you.

Yesterday, I woke up at four in the morning with sharp pains in my stomach. Having experienced similar pains in the past, I knew that I was experiencing hyperacidity. I popped in one Duspatalin and hoped that it would neutralize the acids swirling around in my stomach.

Then I went to work.

I tried to last for as long as I could. Really, I did. I even attempted to revise some scripts and got my boss' approval. However, the pain didn't subside at all. My colleagues took one look at me and told me to go home. I was pale, my mouth was dry, and I would grip my stomach whenever the pain came in waves. I felt like a mother-to-be having contractions (though I know that kind of pain is an entirely different story).

So I hailed a cab, went straight home, lay down and popped in another tablet (this time, Simeco).

My first day home was spent sleeping, writhing in pain, attempting to eat (half a sandwich for breakfast, the other half for lunch, and half a bowl of soup for dinner; each meal was torture because the sight and smell of food made me gag) and sitting up. Thankfully, by the time I went to bed last night, the pain was minimal and I was comfortable enough.

So today, I decided to take one more day off to stabilize my stomach and get used to eating without wanting to hurl.

The only thing I feel guilty about is being on sick leave yet again. I've always been relatively sickly compared to most people. I get really bad asthma attacks at least once a year, rendering me useless for up to a week. I also can't handle dysmenorrhea on certain months, which means I'm out for at least one day a month. There's also the occasional flu and related sicknesses, such as the common cough and cold, and the like.

My genetic makeup isn't something to be proud of, but I'm trying my best to stay healthy. I've been keeping up an active lifestyle as of late, I make more of an effort to cut down on my favorite calorific food, and I'm more conscious about my vitamin and supplement intake. But I guess I'm just more susceptible to illness compared to most people. I just hope they understand.


In a way, I'm also glad that I got to stay home yesterday.

The Philippines was visited by this year's biggest typhoon which was locally named Juan and internationally named Megi. It arrived yesterday before noon and lasted well into the evening.

The hardest hit were those in its entry point (the Cagayan and Isabela provinces) and those up north. Two have been reported killed so far, several provinces are in a state of calamity what with the landslides and destroyed farmlands. Some provinces are still in total darkness and it will take a while to restore the electricity.

Metro Manila only experienced relatively weaker rainfall and wind compared to our northern brethren but we were prepared for the worst. After last year's disaster known as Typhoon Ondoy/Ketsana, we had to brace ourselves for the possibility of a similar outcome. But that didn't happen to us. I'm just sorry that so many of my kababayan have been affected by Typhoon Juan/Megi. I'm going to try and find out how we can mobilize and bring aid to those provinces.

Right now, it's still raining (apparently, the storm is picking up speed and strength as it exits the Philippines) but I hope we can start the restoration and healing process soon.

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