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Ode to the Three Dogs

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A quick doodle of my three furry babies before I drown myself in work.

On the left is Cassie, our hyper four-year-old chocolate Lab. She'll always be special to me because we got her the week after my nine-year-old Ashley died four years ago. As a pup, she was a ball of energy, a ray of sunshine in a very devastated household. Cassie is the first and only chocolate Labrador we've owned and bred since 1998. Also, she's the only one who can not only catch but successfully bring back balls, frisbees, or anything you throw her way. Today, we call her "impala" because she jumps insanely high, runs almost as fast as a cheetah, and only loses steam when she takes antihistamines for her skin allergy. She genuinely thinks she's human and when she's in the car with us, she'd rather die than stay in the backseat. If things went her way, she'd be the one driving (and she's been known to climb onto the driver's seat).

In the middle is Buddy, our fast-growing Golden Retriever. He's only seven months old and as this doodle shows, he's already bigger than our adult Labradors. He's adorable and unfortunately, he knows it. He's also smart, too. He learned how to sit on his third month and shortly after that, to "shake hands" with us. He likes bullying his Lab companions, ramming into his humans' legs, and being mushy when he feels like getting our attention. Right now, he's becoming quite a figure on the Internet (see his Facebook and Twitter pages and follow him!) because he's actually an amusing puppy. His growth spurts are pretty much a topic of conversation by pretty much anyone who knows him.

Shadow is almost ten, a veteran by anyone's standards. And he's our veteran in more ways than one. He was a dog show champion back in his glory days and played dad to several kennels shortly after that. Quite a stud he was. As a pup, he was the goofiest thing ever. He always made us laugh with his dumb expressions and the way he'd bump into walls or trip over his own paws. Nowadays, he's content to just lie by our feet and look at us with his now wisdom-filled eyes. Sometimes, his youthful self makes an appearance and we'll see him run off with a rug or a shoe, then play tug-of-war with Cassie. We've gone through a lot with Shadow — weekends at dog shows, kennel visits to see his puppies, countless walks and playtime in the garden — and we're just grateful to have a loyal family member in him.

It amazes me that dogs, just like humans, each have their own "personalities", which makes them unique. I've always treasured every dog I owned and took care of, and I'm grateful for the joy they bring to the lives of my family members and I.

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