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Biking for a Cause

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Last October 2nd, I joined my first organized biking event. Livestrong celebrated Cancer Awareness Day and sponsored a bike run. Some 800 of us signed up for a 25 kilometer ride around Metro Manila.

Armed with my trusty hydration bag, helmet, glove, shades, Canon Powershot A460 (it was small enough to dangle comfortably from one of the straps of my hydration bag), and Merida Kalahari Six, I set off for Tiendesitas to join the throng of riders.

My bike's first non-race number: 698.

Can you tell that I was excited? Probably not.

Bikers to my left!

Bikers to my right!

After a quick orientation about the routes we'd be taking, we were off.

This was about 20 minutes into the bike ride along the stretch leading to Marikina. Biking with such a big group requires a different set of skills, I realized: balance being one of them. We would have to stop, bike slowly, and balance every now and then because of the traffic and sheer volume of bikers. But it was fun!

This was along Balara, leading to UP. At this point, we had gone through two fairly steep inclines. I remember huffing and puffing quite a bit during these inclines.

We experienced a sudden downpour and had to seek shelter. We waited for the rains to die down, which took around 30 minutes. This picture was taken right before we about to set off once again.

Another dreaded incline: the Katipunan flyover. I pass this every day to and from work by car. It's a different story when you have to pedal upward. What a rush of both adrenalin and fatigue!

After two hours, we were done! I happened to bump into ex-schoolmates whom I didn't know were bikers. That was a pleasant surprise.

I now get why people like joining marathons, triathlons and the like. Apart from the physical/health benefits, there's something about being with so many like-minded people that motivates you. I was also happy to see officemates, ex-officemates, churchmates and yes, my ex-schoolmates. I didn't realize how many of my colleagues and friends were into the sport.

I'm going to join my second biking event this Saturday and I'm excited once again. This time, it'll be a sunset ride. Let's see how this one goes. Wish me luck!

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  1. I've never done a group ride like that. I guess I fear I'd pass out half way through and look foolish. LOL! It sounded like fun though and best wishes on your next ride!

  2. TEACH ME HOW TO BIKE, TINA! For I do not know how. :( Ugh, this is probably going to bite me in the ass, but I would LOVE to join something like this, I think. Maybe not in the near future, but some time after that. :)

  3. @ bleubug: It is a lot of fun! You should try it sometime. I don't think you'll pass out; there are lots of breaks during organized group rides. Let me know if you do end up joining one. And thanks! :)

  4. @ Carina: Yes, I would love to teach you and I would love to bike with you someday. :D Let me know when I should come over!


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