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Stopping and Smelling the Roses

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I remember being a fan of the song Wake Me Up When September Ends by Greenday when it first came out. I liked its instrumentation, the lyrics and the overall feeling that it gave me. But that was it, mainly. It was just a song that I happened to like back then.

Fast forward to September of 2010. This has to be one of the busiest months in my entire 28 years of existence. I'm currently in the middle of juggling a couple productions in addition to conceptualizing for other projects. That basically means a lot of overtime work to edit, get our clients' approval, finalize the audio production, and also think/write/develop for the other incoming projects. My exercise routine disappeared simply because I was too spent to do anything physical and I even lost one weekend this month for a TV shoot.

So last Friday, since I had a light day (surprisingly), I took the afternoon off and started my weekend early. I took a nap which lasted three glorious hours, and it was the catalyst for the good vibes I felt all weekend.

I had one more day off to recuperate, which was yesterday (Monday). Aside from a couple of errands and a quick trip to the salon (my light brown highlights had grown out horribly, so I had my stylist approximate a hair dye that resembled my natural dark brown shade; oversharing, much?), I did absolutely nothing. Unless you count bonding time with my dogs as nothing.

I have three large breed dogs: two Labradors and a fast-growing Golden Retriever puppy. I missed them a lot this month, since I didn't even have time to feed, play with, or walk them. I would have just enough time to pat them before leaving for work and before going to bed at night. I felt like a negligent parent even if my dogs would constantly overlook my absences by acting as if nothing was wrong. A lick on the face and their tails wagging at speeds of 240 kph were signs that they still loved me.

We did a lot of catching up yesterday. Buddy, my effervescent, overgrown Golden (he's six months and already taller than his Lab companions) was extra mushy and generous enough to be still for pictures. I guess he really did miss me.

I got to walk Cassie, my four-year-old chocolate Labrador, and marvel at this amazing sunset.

Best of all, I got to spend time with Shadow, our almost 10-year-old veteran. Since he has kidney problems, we know that every day with him is a miracle. I'm just glad that he's still the same goofball we've always loved.

I also did get to bike and swim this weekend in preparation for the Livestrong Fun Ride, which I'll be joining this Saturday.

Thankfully, October is just around the corner. I'll be more than happy to bid this month farewell.

But I'm glad that despite its craziness, I had a few days to stop and smell the roses, as they say, and slow things down by many notches. This "long" weekend really did wonders for me physically, mentally, emotionally and even spiritually. God really knows that I needed a break and I think Him for giving it to me.

Here's to less insane Septembers in the coming years for all of us!

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