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Yes, I'm Back!

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Forgive my absence these last few months. I attribute the lack of updates to my laziness (i.e. I could only write in 160 characters) and general lack of a desire to update my blog.

But now that I'm back (hopefully I'll be a regular blogger once more), I have something to tell.

This has probably been the biggest change — if not one of the biggest changes — in the lives of my family members and I: the addition of a third furball.

This is our baby, Buddy, our first Golden Retriever. This photo was taken on his first weekend with us when he was six weeks old. We'd been breeding Labs since 1998, when my uncle gave me my first Lab, Ashley. Since then, we kind of grew addicted to the breed and we were only raising Labs. My sister, however, decided that she wanted to get a Golden Retriever last April since: a) she got really high grades in school the semester before (she's in the running for Cum Laude in March 2011, when she graduates from university); and, b) she was so affected by the movie Hachi (the one with Richard Gere).

So I looked at online dog ads (that was how I got Cassie, our chocolate Labrador, four years ago). After going through several ads and contacting several breeders, my sister and I eventually fell in love with the baby picture that his breeder posted.

Seriously. How could you say no to this face?

We got him when he was six weeks old (normally, breeders release their puppies at eight weeks, after they've been weaned) but the breeder had other buyers in mind, just in case my sister were to decline his offer. Being one of the most competitive people on the planet, she said yes to him and made her rounds in the house. With a "Buddy Fund" envelope in hand, she asked the rest of the family to contribute to the acquisition of her dream dog. That's the way she rolls.

One week later, this seemingly shy, sleepy-all-day, cream-colored Golden Retriever joined our six-human, two-dog family. He was the sweetest, gentlest thing. Or so we thought.

Until he started to grow. And until we discovered that he had razor sharp baby teeth.

Buddy at eight weeks old.

He was a good puppy toilet training-wise. But he loved to chew. Plants, wires, shoes, slippers, socks, rugs, carpets. You name it, he chewed on it.

He soon outgrew his puppy cage and we upgraded him to a bigger cage. Then at 11 weeks, he completed all of his puppy shots and he was free to experience the joys of walking on a leash.

Helping himself to a doggie "buffet" at his first dog party.
Photo taken when he was 12 weeks old.

From being trained to do his business in our garden, he learned to do it outdoors. Now, he looks forward to being walked at least twice a day: after breakfast and after dinner.

He continued to grow almost an inch a day (I'm not exaggerating). Soon, he was able to jump on or over couches and furniture.

At 16 weeks old, he discovered the joys of lying down on the couch while his humans watched TV.

Buddy snacking on his favorite doggie biscuits.

He looked like a lanky teenager around that time. He had lost his cute "puppy size" and he was shedding all of his baby fur.

Suddenly, he grew almost overnight; not just height and length-wise but fur-wise as well. He had this new layer of wavy, coarse fur that we weren't used to. Our Labs' much shorter but equally dense coat never needed brushing. Suddenly, we found ourselves brushing Buddy's fur every chance we got.

At a very young age of 20 weeks, he was just two inches shorter than our full-grown Labradors.

It's really amazing to see how fast he's growing. He outgrows collars and leashes in weeks. His adult-size crate is too small for him now. Our two adult Labs can't bully him anymore since he's practically their size.

Also, he's pretty funny to look at after being given a bath because his wavy coat isn't quite the long, silky kind that adult Golden Retrievers have. Yet, at least. So he looks more like a confused lamb when he's wet.

Buddy at 21 weeks.
Photo taken just this weekend.

Needless to say, you can expect more Buddy Chronicles in here within the next few months. I wonder how much bigger he'll get, really, considering he's not even six months old.

Other updates/musings/reviews/whatnot to follow in future blog entries. I promise not to be a negligent blog owner anymore.

(Also, because I'm paying for this domain. It better be worth every cent I shelled out.)

I hope you're doing well, Blog Reader, if you're still out there!

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