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An Open Letter to Sun Cellular, a Failure of a Service Provider

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To Whom It May Concern:

This is to let you know that I am a disappointed, disgruntled customer.

I applied for the BlackBerry Internet Service last August 14 (at around 11am) in the Sun Shop of SM Marikina. The transaction went smoothly and I was told to wait for 24 hours before the service would be fully activated. So I waited. Exactly 24 hours later, I called the Sun Cellular customer service rep who had texted me the night before to confirm my contact and billing details. She said that my application wasn't approved yet.

That was the first hurdle. I was not aware of the fact that one's application needed to be APPROVED FIRST. Because when I was transacting in the Sun Shop last August 14th, I was given the impression that I was a shoe-in for approval; that there would be no REASON to delay the approval.

Nevertheless, I waited. I gave it another full day before contacting that same customer service rep. She told me to wait (again) and on the 50th or so hour after I registered for the service, she said that my application was approved, that it was a matter of just activating the service. Since I was out of town when this happened and Sun reception was fluctuating on my cellphone, I told her to just hold off the activation for my return to Manila on Friday night, the 20th.

Come the 20th, I rang her back and she said that she couldn't process the activation because her superior needed to be the one to do it. I asked when that would actually take place. She said MONDAY, because her superior was on leave Saturdays. That infuriated me once again because I would have to wait another full weekend for a service that I was already paying for.

Nonetheless, the following day (Saturday, the 21st), I paid the Sun Shop a surprise visit. True enough, it didn't look like anyone there was expecting me and I expressed my frustrations to the manager. She said that they would find a way to speed up the activation process. The same customer service rep who serviced me a week earlier and was texting me the whole week happened to be the one who dealt with me yet again. She disappeared and left me seated by her desk for a few minutes. When she came back, she gave me a sheet of paper (BlackBerry Service Add-on Plan Demo Checklist) and told me to expect the activation within the day.


She texted later that evening to say that, upon checking my records, I had an unsettled balance of P511. Which I could've easily paid that morning had I been informed. She said that so-and-so head officer couldn't process my activation without paying that.

I pretty much had it up to my neck. It felt like every excuse in the book was given to explain the cause of delay. How simple is it to activate the BIS anyway? My friends who use the same service with Globe and Smart had their applications approved AND phones activated within 24 hours. The only reason I chose Sun over Globe or Smart was because it's P300 cheaper per month.

But now I'm regretting my decision.

I had that unsettled balance paid for yesterday, Sunday (the 22nd). Now it's Monday, August 23rd, 1:45pm and still, no one has told me what's happening with the activation. I am beyond appeasing right now. I don't care anymore for excuses or pathetic attempts at trying to explain what's happening. I am a customer who'd been paying for a service she hasn't used for the last 10 days.

As an advertising writer, I should let you know that you are doing your customers a HUGE disservice by promising them a speedy approval and application process. My experience may just be one of many similar horror stories. Next time, if you have a hard time fulfilling your end of the bargain, don't even bother putting out such promos and services.

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  1. Hi maam! Thank you for this review! I was about to apply for bis sun cell in sm marikina awhile ago:)) ugh maybe that branch really sucks. I was standing there and their people were so busy that I really have to leave that shop. Ugh pls help ime I really don,t know how to activate my bb bold

  2. funny how im having the same problem as yours. has it been activated? is it working already.

    i am using a post paid sun sim. and if its like this i would not care spoil my getaway this week and instead will register with globe prepaid. tried it once and by sending BB ON 50 to 8888 in instantly activated my BIS.

    crappy sun service. FTW!

  3. @ alexene: Sorry for the late reply! Haven't had time to check my blog 'til today. Were you able to activate your BB? I hope so!

  4. @ astro cigarette: Again, apologies for my delayed reply. I was finally able to get my phone activated after almost two weeks. My blood really boiled with their inefficiency. But now, I'm able to go online finally, after much hemming and hawing. Globe and Smart users are so lucky 'coz they don't have to deal with this.

    Are you on Globe or Sun's BIS now?

  5. Hi, I was planning on getting my BIS on sun cellular -- How is it? Any problems whatsoever? I'm guessing that the service provider is still RIM or does it still go through Sun Cellulars network? sorry for such idiotic questions :D What I hate though about Sun cellulars BB plan is the 6 month lock-in period. I just wish that there was a 1 week demo or something. Hm. Kudos! :D

  6. Hey, Kevin,

    Sorry for the late reply! Only got to check my blog again today.

    Anyway, I'm currently on the BIS. But once again, I find myself in a dilemma.

    This month, Sun charged me P3,300 for mobile browsing. Which is pretty stupid since I'm on the BIS. My line got disconnected (and I had to pay P3,600 to reconnect it, for reasons that I still don't understand).

    I asked Sun's customer service to file a report and check on this discrepancy. I'm expecting to get my money back soon, or at least be credited for the next three months (I'm on Plan 600 + BIS Plan 999).

    Let me know if you decided to sign up with Sun. So far, in fairness to them, I haven't really heard of other BIS horror stories. I just seem to be wearing this giant nametag with the word "LOSER" in it when it comes to Sun Cellular-related instances. :|

  7. Hi Tina,

    Thanks for sharing this. Actually, I'm currently applying for three lines of fixed load plan and it's been 3 days now since my application. I remembered so well what the agent told me: "Sir, wait lang po kayo ng within 24 hours before our feedback". And what now? It's been 72 hours already and they never contacted me yet. I'm planning to pull out my application now and I regret on applying for a postpaid plan for them. Imagine, they are super strict with regards to requirements compared to the other Telco and yet they can't even provide a faster and smooth transaction for their future customers. 'Sobrang nababadtrip ako remembering the troubles I've gone para lang sa mga requirements na yun.'

    Anyway, thanks ulit for sharing this. :)

  8. I asked Sun's customer service to file a report and check on this discrepancy. I'm expecting to get my money back soon, or at least be credited for the next three months (I'm on Plan 600 + BIS Plan 999).

    Hi guys,

    I'm also applying for Sun's BIS Services for my Bold 2. With regards to the above statement in bold, I had this cleared up with the Sun Shop @ Parksquare. Apparently, when they say BIS, it only applies to Blackberry Services, but not for the Mobile Browsing. True, the Unlimited BIS Services is 999 (an addon to your current plan), but if you want to get Unlimited Mobile Browsing as well, the Addon you want is the Unlimited BIS and Mobile Browsing Php1350 Addon. Just putting my experience. I'm still waiting on my service to be activated. :)


  9. @ Karlo: Hi, there! Sorry about my delayed reply. I'm horrible at checking my blog for comments. Anyway, were you able to cancel your application? True; they really mean "BEYOND 72 hours" when they tell you it'll only take 24-48 hours to activate your line.

  10. @ Patrick: Hi, there! Regarding mobile browsing, actually, I don't understand how I could have "accumulated" over 3,000 pesos worth of mobile browsing. I disabled my Sun built-in browser so as not to incur charges and since I found out which of the apps were GPRS-heavy, I've deleted them. I only check Facebook and Twitter now with my Sun plan and I'm still being charged for mobile browsing. It's frustrating. I'm planning to switch to Smart when my lockdown period (which ends in Feb) ends.

  11. Sun sucks. They promise you up to 2 MBPS connections but they can only afford you 2 kbps even at off-peak hours. Once you download a simple word document it will go down to 0 kbps. They shouldn't promise the masses on something they can't provide. Bad marketing strategy, but a really fine way of ruining their reputation.

    I availed of the post-paid too, thinking they would provide better service since I live a stone's throw away from a Sun site. After a month the connection became unbearable. Loading my homepage takes 30 mins to an hour even on a clean computer with a fast browser with clear cache.

    Calling their technical support helpdesk is also a negative experience, they would only put you through their rigmaroles and spiels and would not fix anything. Connection still sucked. Next call they'd tell you it's because of network congestion...C'mon; network congestion at 3 am on a weekday? Crap, no subscriber with a job or school would be online at that time for crying out loud! Most would be preparing for school or work and those that are online wouldn't be enough to clog even a dial-up connection.

    Collections department is equally sucky, they threaten you about late payment and how they'd disconnect your service. Heck in my opinion, I've been disconnected from service since the second month of subscritpion with almost no visible connection! They are a waste of your time as much as they've wasted mine, they don't deserve my hard-earned money nor anyone else's until they clean up their act.

  12. Wow, talk about late! I didn't see this comment until I went over all my entries.

    I feel for you. I'm either cut off early, my phone has signal issues (there was a time my phone was signal-less at home for days), and I usually end up calling their hotline every few weeks. Sadly, it's true that we get what we pay for.

    Their features/services may be cheaper, but their customer service isn't anywhere near fabulous or pleasant.

  13. ,hi afternoon,
    dis s kearney,
    ,can ask samting?
    my sun sim is olready deactivate bco of im not using anymore,how do i reactivate again?

  14. Hi anonymous,

    I guess you have to go to Sun and ask if they can reactivate it? If it's a postpaid line, I'm sure they can reactivate it easily. But as far as I know, prepaid SIMs, if not used for quite some time, are deactivated for good.

    Hope that helps. :)

  15. same thing happened to me.
    got my unit last saturday blackberry 9220, jan 19 and last january 20, they told me activated na daw BIS ko. they asked me to register first sa host routing table and after 24 hrs, may makukuhang ako registration from blackberry. i waited for 24 hrs, and then, wala pa rin. been calling the hotline and told me to wait lang daw. i tried getting a sun prepaid, nagload ako ng 300. nagregister ako sa bb250 (7days BIS, unlinet and social) ok naman, nagwork naman yung EDGE. but everytime na ilalagay ko yung postpaid sim ko, edge / gsm lang talaga lumalabas. also, nung tumawag ako sa hotline, after one month pa daw ma-iactivate yung blackberry services ko, and then tumawag ako ulit to confirm kung one month ba talaga kasi sayang naman if im paying 600, tapos hindi ko naman nagagamit yung BIS. ang sabi, pwede na daw gamitin. grabe, sobrang gulo ng sun. and until now, di pa rin activated yung postpaid line ko sa BIS. i hope sun can fix this because its been 4 days already.

  16. Woah! I didn't know I am not the only one who's extremely disappointed to Sun.

    14th of Feb, I applied a plan for my phone (Call & Surf 999) at Farmers Plaza - Cubao. Application went fast and smooth, and I was told it will just take 24 hours for the SIM to be activated. Well its over 48 hours now, I am still waiting.

    I don't know if I am waiting for nothing or what. Their customer service representatives really suck. I've called 8 times. They are going to put you on hold for a long time. I waited cause if I hung up, I'll start all over again. Kept on saying they will make a concern form to follow up. Which really annoyed me. Told me someone's gonna call me back for the status of my account. It did not happen.

    I should have read this post before I applied. Thanks anyway. Now I know I have company. This thread only proves SUN sucks. What am gonna do, continue waiting. I'll let them take their course. I just don't have the chance to drop-by the shop. Sigh.

  17. Hi! I'm Justine and I also have BBM plan. I also can't activate my BBM :( Do you think I have to go to sun too? I really don't want to because there's always a long line.


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