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I never leave home without it. I wait by playing games with it. I go online even when Internet connection isn't available. I snap a photo with it when I forget my camera.

In other words, my iPhone is an extension of my hand.

Prior to being an iPhone owner, I had always been a Nokia loyalist. I got my first Nokia (a 5110) in high school and worked my way up the Nokia ladder in college and my early days of employment.

Then Steve Jobs created the first generation iPhone. I admired it (cyber-salivated, more like) from afar since it was still out of my reach, budget-wise.

A couple of years passed and social networking made its rounds online. Soon, it wasn't enough to just check Facebook or Twitter from your computer. Mobile technology dictated that we tweet or update our Facebook statuses from the road so that we could tell our friends where we were. A Nokia phone just didn't cut it for me anymore. I needed something more.

Enter the iPhone. I got one, fell in love with it, and basically never looked back.

So this is me today. A happy iPhone owner. And for the benefit of other iPhone owners who happen to stumble across this site, I decided to list down my favorite iPhone applications. For potential iPhone owners, this may encourage you to consider getting one for yourself.

Facebook for iPhone

If you're a Facebook user, you'll definitely need to download this app. Almost everything one can do in Facebook with a computer can be done with its iPhone counterpart. You can update your status, check your newsfeed, write on people's walls, upload photos and videos, and comment. It's a great way to keep in touch with friends and family when you're away from a computer.

Twitter for iPhone

Now I've gone through scores (and I mean this literally) of Twitter applications, both paid and free, before settling down on the two that I use: Twitter for iPhone and Tweets iPhone. The former, which used to be Tweetie for iPhone, is completely functional. The features you look for in a Twitter desktop application are present in Twitter for iPhone: retweet, reply, uploading of photos, shortening of URLs, etc.

But sometimes I use Tweets iPhone because it loads faster. The app does away with the complicated features of other Twitter apps, which makes it faster. If I want to check my Twitter feeds really quickly, I just load Tweets iPhone and seconds later, I'm done going through them.

Tweet Now

As the name suggests, I can quickly post a tweet without the hassle of waiting for people's tweets to load. I use this app when I'm literally on the run and have just enough time to post a tweet.


I play this when I want to give my brain a workout. Which is usually when I'm stuck in traffic on the way home from work.


I was a fan of the boardgame as a child, and now I have the mobile version. Again, I play this when I'm bored.

Tap Tap Revenge

I can't keep track of how many versions there are (last I checked, there were three) but the Tap Tap series is great fun. Reminiscent of the Dance Dance Revolution of yore, your thumbs (or index fingers, if you like) have to keep in step with the rhythms of the music.


One of my favorite sites to visit is because you can also consult its thesaurus and online translator. Needless to say, I was more than happy to learn that they developed an iPhone version. It's what I use when I need to look up certain words or find their synonyms.


Since my third language is Spanish and I took French classes early this year, sometimes, I try to practice writing in both languages. iTranslate is a handy app that approximates what you need to convey in those languages. You can't rely on an accurate translation all the time, though, so be sure you know your basics and make the necessary corrections if needed.

BlogPress Lite

I've been able to update or edit the entries you see on this blog using BlogPress. It's pretty easy to use since the font size is readable. Scrolling around entries isn't complicated either. This app is surprisingly really useful for mobile blogging.


I can get various photo effects from this simple app. An ordinary image can turn into a Lomo-fied one, a vintage one, or be converted into black and white. I love how this app shows, with the flick of a finger, how your photo looks in different modes.

Quad Camera

This app reminds me of an Oktomat Lomo-type camera, except it shoots in a series of four shots. It's great fun to use with friends and it almost always renders old school colors.


I recently discovered just how easy it is to call up my Skype contacts with my iPhone. It's like calling them up without having to pay to call. It's great!


I'm now addicted to buying e-books using this app and reading them during my free time. I love that I can have digital copies of my favorite books and easily go through them wherever and whenever.

And last but definitely not the least:

The Holy Bible

Although having a Bible app can never replace the actual Bible, it's a good thing to have. I can look up verses in seconds and it's what I use when I forget to bring my Bible to church.

In a nutshell, owning an iPhone has been loads of fun and it has allowed me to be instantly connected to the rest of the world. The only downside is its battery life. After playing a game for several minutes, I'll definitely notice a 10% decrease in battery life. If I'm online and using my Twitter or Facebook app for 30 minutes or more, I'll have to charge my phone within a few hours.

Also, I wish it had a similar messaging app like the BlackBerry messenger. The BBM's one solid come-on for me to consider getting a BlackBerry as a second phone (since I use two phones anyway; my second phone is the jurassic Nokia E61).

I can't say much about the iPhone 4 (I hear that it has a lot of signal issues) so everything I've written thus far came from my experiences with the iPhone 3G and 3GS (my brother's). And I have to say that if battery life weren't a problem, and if it had its own a messenger like the BBM, my iPhone would be a perfect phone. Or close to one anyway.

I'm a happy camper indeed.

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