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Team Angel or Team Vampire?

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Last week, a good friend of mine started raving about her latest young adult lit discovery, Hush, Hush. She said that it was gripping, possibly even better than Twilight (and this came from the mouth of a true Twi-hard). I'm neither a Twi-hard nor a Twatlighter, so my friend's recommendation pretty much intrigued me.

Which was why, when I had to kill time at a bookstore last Friday before going home, I found myself purchasing a copy of Hush, Hush.

I didn't want to expect too much from the book so I had no agenda, no biases whatsoever when I opened the book to the first page. And I found that my friend was right; the writing was engaging. Unlike Stephenie Meyer's slow and somewhat dragging writing at the start of Twilight, Becca Fitzpatrick was able to develop the characterization and plot with ease in the first few chapters of Hush, Hush.

There are a number of similarities between Twilight and Hush, however. I'm not sure who authored her work first, but this "sameness" was too obvious to ignore. First, we have two teenage daughters of single parents; Bella Swan lives with her dad while Nora Grey lives with her mom. Both heroines seem like intelligent, independent girls at the beginning of their respective stories. In Biology class, both are partnered with attractive male classmates who serve to intrigue and fascinate them: we have the alluring Edward Cullen and the appealing bad boy Patch Cipriano. Both heroines try to discover the mysteries surrounding their love interests and find out that they are otherworldly (one was a vampire; the other was a fallen angel). Both girls fall in love with their non-human significant others and basically give them their unconditional, undying love.

Oh, and their book covers (font- and design-wise)? Notice anything?

But the similarities end there. While Bella Swan developed into a frail, weak, too-dependent-on-Edward-for-her-own-good character, Nora turned out to be more decisive, more of a go-getter, and someone who could take charge of her own life. Edward knew he could take advantage of Bella on so many levels (physically, emotionally, mentally) but Patch had a feeling that Nora was the type of girl who wouldn't back down without a fight. Bella was antisocial and really had nothing going for her (mediocre grades, no extracurricular activities, no real friends) while Nora studied, wrote for the school's E-zine and had her best friend, Vee. Edward was portrayed to be almost "god-like" — hard to reach, too perfect for words — and got Bella's attention because of his looks, while Patch first attracted Nora with his witty comebacks before she really started to appreciate his physique.

Now before this turns into a full-blown Twilight vs. Hush, Hush post, I'll try now to focus on the latter by itself.

I have to say that I truly enjoyed Hush, Hush. I started reading it Friday night when I got home, went back to it Saturday afternoon when I came home from French class, then picked it up again yesterday afternoon and finished it an hour later. I couldn't put it down and I was genuinely excited to find out how the story would unfold. I appreciated how real the characters seemed (unlike a certain stoic heroine in another book — oh, wait, I wasn't supposed to go there). I liked the friendly banter that happened a lot between Nora and Patch; not a lot of sappy line sightings, for one thing. I enjoyed the pacing of the plot and how everything else unfolded. The idea of fallen angels struggling here on earth to find their purpose actually fascinated me.

At the end of it all, I realized that what I was reading was a young adult book and the last thing I wanted to do was over-rationalize. I just enjoyed myself, I was entertained, and I didn't feel like I wasted my time reading books that I wouldn't pick up again. Basically, when I got to the last page, I actually felt bad knowing that I couldn't read the second book in the series (Crescendo) because it isn't even out yet. I'll have to do some serious waiting (and Hush, Hush re-reading) before finding out what happens to Nora and Patch.

In other words, I think I'm pretty much part of Team Angel and I can't wait to see how the succeeding books in the series (I don't even know how many there will be) will continue to convince me to be part of that team.

Now I wonder how many girls will shift from being either part of Team Vampire or Team Werewolf to Team Angel.

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  1. Loved the review, tin! Love it as much as the book.. hahaha!

    Go, Team Angels!!! Patch is my new love...

  2. Thanks so much! Haha! :) If it weren't for you, I wouldn't have known about this book. So thanks, too!

    Move over, Edward!

  3. Nice insight on both books, Tina! There are so many choices for YA lit right now. Wish it was the same when we were younger. We only had the Sweet Valley series. Lol.

  4. Hey Mara! Thanks for dropping by. ;)

    Yeah, I know! SO MANY BOOKS now. I also wanna try the Percy Jackson series, especially since the first movie's out. Have you read any of those books?

    Wait, we also did have 'The Babysitters Club'! Hahaha!

  5. Yeah! The Percy Jackson series! I heard it has a Harry Potter feel to it, so I'm pretty interested about it.

  6. Me, too. Actually, one of my best friends was raving about the series since last year. "It's like Greek mythology in today's setting!" she would say. But I didn't think much of it until I heard that it was turned into a movie. Haha! Now I guess I'll start reading and collecting those books, too. :)

    Yay, so many books for us to enjoy!

  7. i just happened to come across this page by googling lol i know this was a couple months ago, but i found my new "twilight" in Hush,Hush. :)
    I was a die hard twilight fan before but that went and passed. especially when the 1st movie came out, and it was just.. bleh.
    THE POINT IS.. i read hush hush & crescendo in 2 days and 2 hours. lol it's crazy! i just couldn't stop.
    better than twilight, in my opinion.
    & i'm definitely on Team Angel. =D

  8. Hey, suishou,

    I haven't read Crescendo yet. (This means I need to visit bookstores this weekend). How was it? Yeah, this series seems to be really promising! Thanks for dropping by. Go, Team Angel! ;)


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