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Of Plugs and Cheese

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After church today, the family had lunch at this Spanish restaurant. Although it was a bit pricey, my dad gamely agreed to order the cheese platter on my behalf. The whole family knows how crazy I am about cheese.

There were five kinds of cheese and I went for every single one: creamy goat cheese, salty Manchego cheese from Spain, brie and Tomme de Savoie from France, and Edam cheese. All were yummy enough to make me literally mouth out, "Om nom nom!"

Growing up, I was always a cheeseaholic. I would literally scoop out Cheez Whiz from the jar and eat right from the spoon. If there was nothing else to much on, I'd walk over to the kitchen and walk away with a plateful of cheddar cheese slices.

Now that my tastebuds have evolved, there hasn't been any kind of cheese that I've refused to eat. I like the bitter tasting ones, the ones that smell like shoes, the extremely salty ones, and the ones that give you a jaw workout.

Julia Child, the American chef who popularized French cooking, said that butter was perhaps the best ingredient that ever existed. I personally think it's cheese. (Then again: 1) she was speaking in terms of French cuisine; and, 2) I probably have no right to make such a bold statement seeing as I don't cook).

Still, one has to agree that cheese makes the world go round. Imagine how bland pastas and pizzas would be without cheese (I could go on and on in another blog entry about my love for pasta and pizza)? Dessert lovers would probably die without cheesecake in the lineup of cake selections in a pastry shop. How about omelettes? Wouldn't they be less sumptuous without melted, gooey, wonderful cheese?

Needless to say, I thank God for creating the person who discovered that cheese could be made using cows' or goats' milk. You rock, whoever you were!

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  1. Cheez whiz! i used to eat that everyday. it was my baon from nursery til i was in grade 4. I think thats where i got my height. my parents are both below 5'4"

  2. Hahaha! Nice. :D Speaking of Cheez Whiz, I bought the smallest bottle in 7-Eleven and ate it with pandesal this morning. Yahoo!

  3. Which Spanish resto is this? I'd love to try that cheese platter, too!

  4. We ate at Terry's in Podium to celebrate my sister's 21st belatedly. :D

  5. Spanish cheese is so overlooked! When I was there I got a taste for manchego, mahon, and idiazabal. Out of all the great Spanish food I loved a Bocadillo con jamon y queso the best. In fact that's about all the Spanish I know. Jamón serrano was on that which made it even more yummy. OK, now I'm hungry. It took a long time before I started seeing Spanish cheese available near where I am in the U.S. but now I can always find machego at minimum.

  6. Over here in Manila, I've only really tasted manchego cheese, sadly. I'd love to try more and get my cheese cravings satisfied over and over again.

    Just checked your blog. You're into fountain pens? You probably know my boss, Leigh (, then?

    It's nice to meet you!

  7. Cheese like bacon is one of the things that makes life worthwhile. Well, food in general fits that. Now if there was a way to eat w/o gaining weight!

    With the connection between Spain and the Philippines I'm surprised that haven't had more Spanish cheese. I know how your cuisine has a lot of Iberian influences.

    Yep, I'm friends with Leigh (as much as one can be never having physically met) and that's the link. Maybe you commented on her blog and I linked here from that? When I started using Google Reader I got updated on many blogs I've not kept up on and here I am. Enjoying your posts and thanks for sharing.

  8. I always hate that I tap something in quickly and then after adding it see that I made grammar or spelling mistakes. All comments should have an "edit" feature. LOL!


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