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Much Ado About Love

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I kid you not when I say I've never celebrated a single Valentine's Day. Throughout my 20+ years of existence, the 14th of February never meant anything to me -- aside from celebrating my dad's birthday, which is also on the 14th. Sure I greet my family and friends "Happy Hearts Day" and wish them love, happiness, and everything cheesy, but I never understood the reason behind V-Day.

I always argue that if Valentine's is a day for celebrating love, then why do we only devote one day to love? Does this mean that on the other 364 days of the year, we love less? Say "I love you" less?

I say this because I don't see the need to hype up just one day devoted to love. I'm the kind of person who would tell her loved ones how appreciated they are. One of my love languages happens to be Affirmation and I make sure that the people dear to me know just how special they are. I don't wait 'til their birthdays, Christmas, or yes, V-Day, to let them know that.

Maybe some people buy into the cheesefest because they pump themselves up to be more expressive on this day. Boyfriends who generally don't care for fancy sit-down dinners make reservations on V-Day and get dressed up for it. Husbands go out of their way to rekindle the romance they and their wives once shared as a young couple. Girls expect to be treated like queens for one full day -- accompanied by hugs, stolen kisses, and random acts of public displays of affection.

A photo I took of two of my good friends, Tessa and Chino, who've been together for over 7 years. They're dorks, just like I am, and I love them for it.

Then there are the cynics who don't have a Valentine to celebrate the day with. They're the ones who call V-Day "SAD" (or Single Awareness Day). They mope around, sometimes wear black, and curse this day. They are the Scrooges of this holiday and do everything to avoid reminding themselves of their loneliness.

I'm not one of those cynics. Even if I don't celebrate V-Day in the romantic sense, I don't hate the holiday. I may not be an advocate of the whole chocolates-and-flowers gimmick, but I don't give couples an evil look when I see them enjoying themselves. If they want to be extra expressive for one day, then go ahead.

Just don't make me feel bad for not celebrating it the way you do.

So, Happy V-Day to you, whether you love or hate it. Be filled with love and spread the good cheer wherever you go -- be it just on the 14th, or the rest of the year. ♥

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