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Ghostly Tales

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Over lunch today, my officemates and I ended up talking about pretty depressing stuff like terminal illnesses and death. Today happens to be one of those days wherein we felt serious and actually didn't talk about mundane stuff (i.e. which fast food chain serves better burgers: McDonald's or Wendy's).

Afterwards, we eventually started to talk about the idea of ghosts. One particular officemate truly believes that there are ghosts; he even adheres to a lot of the old wives' tales that many of us dismiss. I just listened politely, smiling every so often when I disagreed with certain things that were brought up. Eventually, said officemate noticed that I wasn't amazed by or drawn to the things he was saying. He then asked what I believed in.

I told him, point blank, that I was a Christian. The basis of my faith would be the Bible; nothing else. As written in the Bible, when a person dies, his/her soul automatically goes straight to Heaven or Hell, depending on His grace (this entails another entry altogether). With this as our "thesis statement", it therefore means that there no souls left behind to roam our realm.

I do believe, however, that there are spirits. But the spirits I'm talking about aren't the souls of those who've passed on. I'm talking about good spirits (angels) and bad spirits (demons). Good spirits obviously do wonderful deeds and have been sent by God. Bad spirits have the ability to possess, deceive, hurt, and make a mockery of people. Because they are experts at deceiving people, it's so easy for us to believe that the "ghostly" things we witness stem from a loved one who passed on, but still has an unfulfilled mission here on earth.

Now, I'm no theologian, and this is the most I can say with regards to this topic. If you have questions or concerns regarding this issue that you might wanna raise, just let me know and I'll try my darndest to answer them. If they're about stuff I don't know, just give me time to consult with people who know better than I do.

In the meantime, here's a webpage that talks about the Bible and ghosts/hauntings. Check it out. Pretty helpful information, I have to say.

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