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My friends have said I was a dork too many times to count. This, I can't deny. While I like shopping (especially for shoes), occasionally putting on dark eyeliner and eye makeup, and having a semblance of a "night life", I prefer dorkhood. If I had thousands of pesos to spend right this second, I would buy a new SLR body or lens over a Louis Vuitton bag, for example. I consider hanging at a friend's house and playing boardgames while they drink (with me taking swigs every so often) fun.

In fact, my very dorky lifestyle was reawakened once more by my escapades just this past Saturday with a few good friends from high school.

After my French class last Saturday, I met up with my friends at the UP Law campus, since two of our other friends are taking law classes there. We had lunch at the nearby Japanese restaurant. Two of our friends had to leave (one went back to class, the other went to Ateneo, where she is currently a teacher) so the rest of us headed over to the Eastwood Mall.

I genuinely had fun that afternoon. We were going around the mall and I didn't mind accompanying my friends as we moved from baby toys, to hygiene products, to potty trainers since they had to buy a baptism gift. We had a good time laughing, jabbering away at 1938109 miles per second, and being silly. While we're all responsible (or so I'd like to believe) adults who've matured as the years passed, we've never forgotten the art of laughing and bringing out our inner child.

We found out that one particular toy shop allowed you to play with their boardgames as you enjoy your frozen yogurt. So we each got a large serving of frozen yogurt (each one had different toppings) and moseyed over to one of the tables with a Taboo set. That boardgame is guaranteed to end up in a laughfest; especially when the ones who pair up aren't on the same wavelength. The clues get funnier, the answers get more insane.

Me (leftmost) and three of my favorite high school classmates

After one really long round of Taboo (we finished all the purple cards), we called it a day since one of my friends had to run errands for her mom and she was our ride home. See? Responsible adults here.

I love the dork life and I wouldn't have it any other way. However, come to think of it, I wouldn't mind getting all dolled up with these friends of mine and painting the town red one night.

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