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So today, Steve Jobs released his newest baby, the iPad. It's a 9-inch piece of beauty, filled with lots of things to do.

It's essentially a giant iPod Touch that acts like your computer away from your computer, if that makes any sense. It comes in WiFi-only and WiFi+3G models, in case you wanna go online where WiFi isn't available. Its battery lasts up to 10 hours (better than most laptops out there; MacBooks included) and runs on the OS of the iPhone/iPod Touch. Like the iPhone/iPod Touch, therefore, the whole device is touchscreen, although there are connections for keyboard support and the like.

But once you get over how pretty it is, you'll realize that there are a couple of things missing:

1) No Flash Support -- How would anyone watch videos from sites other than YouTube? Or what about websites that have Flash animation? I suppose those won't load as well?

2) No Camera -- No video conferencing in Skype or Yahoo! Messenger, huh? And if you wanted to take a picture and share it in Twitter or in your blog, well, that ain't happening either.

3) No Multitasking -- It really isn't a "full" computer in that it can't run multiple applications at the same time. If you wanted to type up a quick document in Pages while going through Facebook through the Facebook app, well, you can't. One thing at a time, please.

4) No Drawing -- If I wanted to doodle up something like I would on a Wacom tablet, I can't with the iPad. Maybe they should consider this for the succeeding iPad generations.

5) No SD Card Slot -- A shutterbug like myself would love to be able to upload photos onto something like this baby, or possibly use a 64GB SD card as a pseudo-"hard drive" (since the iPad only comes in 16GB, 32GB and 64GB models). But, alas, no can do.

In short, it's an interesting piece of machinery. I can see why people would want to get one for themselves; especially those who've never owned an Apple computer (because the iPad can connect to a Windows computer just like the iPhone/iPod Touch) or an iPod Touch/iPhone.

However, I'm still not sure if I'd get one for myself, especially because I already have an iPhone and iPod Touch. I think getting an iPad would be majorly redundant for one thing. Plus, I'm not about to shell out at least $499 for something that isn't quite a computer.

I'm sure there'll be a market for iPad users, but until it can at least have multitasking capabilities, then I don't think I'm gonna sink my fingers into its screen just yet.

Kudos to Steve Jobs and his Apple team though! I think this may just revolutionize "computing" as we know it.

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