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Bangkok in a Jiffy

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Apologies for my absence here. For some reason, I couldn't muster the words needed to compose a proper blog entry. Blame microblogging. Blame Twitter. Blame Tumblr. Or blame my laziness.


So my 2010 has been fine so far. My family and I vacationed over the New Year's break and I went back to work just two days after we got back to Manila. My first week back at work was spent doing post-production work for the TV commercial that I shot before the Christmas break. Now that commercial's airing.

My January became rather interesting, however, when I was emailed just last Monday about having to fly to Bangkok in two days' time. I wasn't quite prepared to fly out but come Wednesday, fly out I did! I really had no idea what I was gonna do there but I was about to find out.

I always enjoy taking aerial shots. There's something about being in the middle of oceans, somewhere in the middle of nowhere, that excites me.

I am incredibly lame, but I was pretty stoked to find out that I was booked in a humongous hotel suite. I had a kitchen, laundry area, dining area, and living room all to myself -- aside from a bedroom and bathroom, of course.

I don't know why, but I rarely eat street food here in Manila. But I will grab some Thai fried chicken and their 10-baht orange juice any day. Even if Bangkok is probably just as polluted as Manila is, it somehow seems "cleaner" there.

We were flown there to help our officemates in our Bangkok office think of TV commercial scripts. Here's what happened after hours of brainstorming. Afternoon turned into evening and we were still lost.

Luckily we were saved that day with an excellent Thai dinner. Ex-officemates who've since migrated to Bangkok treated us. I was seriously stuffed -- plus, I was more than happy to have enjoyed my Thai favorites: Pad Thai and Tom Yum.

Here's the boardroom where we presented our TV ideas the following day. Thankfully, God's grace gave us the approvals we needed. Whoo-hoo!

We ended our stay with a Wii marathon at an ex-officemate's pad. Talk about it sweating it out and destressing after all that intensity.

Photos taken with my new Canon Powershot A480. Actually, it's supposed to be my mom's, but since I helped pay for it, I might as well use and abuse it as well.

'Til the next work misadventure abroad!

P.S. I'm excited about something cyberspace-related. Will blog more about it when there's actually something to tell. Cheerio!

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