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Okay. So aside from the occasional photography that I do, I also enjoy — and when I say enjoy, I mean, I seriously enjoy — playing around with Photoshop.

My love for that amazing software began some six years ago. I was a college junior doing my internship with the biggest advertising agency of this country (and worldwide, actually). I was simply dazzled with what my eyes were seeing. I watched the art directors bring their creations to life using brush tools, shapes, typography, shadows and highlights. I knew then that I wanted to be an art director once I started working full-time.

Cut to a year later after my college graduation. I started work as a junior art director in another ad agency (the same one I work for today). I knew the basics when it came to Photoshop and drawing techniques but my colleagues were far more advanced than I was. I pressured myself to catch up and get to where they were.

But life is ironic and another year later, I decided to move from being an art director to a full-fledged copywriter. As much as I loved the visual side of life, I had to be realistic and realize that my brain executed my ideas faster when it came to the written word. My life, ever since, started to revolve around scripts, taglines, headlines and body copy instead of logos, consumption shots, and key visuals.

Nevertheless, I made sure that I wouldn't stop creating visually and I'm fortunate that I still get the chance to brush up (no pun intended) on my techniques every now and then.

For this post, I decided to upload a desktop wallpaper that I did the other day. Naturally, I was inspired by Dug, the adorable Golden Retriever from the animated film Up.

No animals were harmed in the making of this wallpaper. Just clouds (since they came from three different images).

Hopefully I get to upload some of my other "creations" in future posts. Stay tuned!

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