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August was a busy month and it ushered in several opportunities to take pictures.

For one thing, it was the month wherein our agency's Creative Department went on an overnight outing. An officemate of mine who played Ultimate Frisbee taught some of us how to play the sport. That was pretty fun.

There was a lot of planning, brainstorming, chitchatting and drunken singing on the karaoke machine. Needless to say, we were all zonked the following morning.

On the way back to the office, our new boss decided to take a detour through the Quezon province and visit Ugu Bigyan's shop. Ugu is known for his pottery and amazing handiwork and we were due to have lunch and check out his crafts.

Unfortunately, Mr. Ugu wasn't around at the time (some of my officemates wanted to try their hand at pottery), but someone was kind enough to give us a demo of the process. I, for one, was pretty fascinated.

But the girls, being girls, weren't too disappointed after realizing that they could buy some of his creations instead.

Towards the end of the month, I was busy preparing for our church's 25th anniversary. It's always an experience when you do behind-the-scenes work and ministry work is no exception. Several Sunday afternoons saw us (the production/media people) meet to brainstorm on the teaser videos. On the day itself, I was decked in black and served as a production assistant. Part of the fun of production work is knowing the ins and outs of the program flow and anticipating the next step.

Some 20,000 people in total came (in the past anniversary celebrations, we would only have one service but because more people were due to come this year, we split up the services into two: 10am and 3pm) and it was amazing!

We were fortunate to have two guest performers, Kuh Ledesma and Gary Valenciano, and they were such blessings.

Naturally, the presence of Gary V. sent many hearts beat triple time.

Praise and worship is always fun during our anniversary celebrations and this year's was no different. There was passion, there was life, and there was an explosion of color as well.

August was, needless to say, eventful.

I can only hope that my September, and the months that follow, will be just as fulfilling.

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